2nd Ox & Bucks - Aug 1944 Le Mesnil

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    Silento1966 Looking for info:

    Sgt George Welsh 5379302 - my Gramp was in the OBLI throughout the 1930's in India, and throughout WW2 serving in the 2nd OBLI & 1st Airborne Div def Platoon. He was wounded several times throughout the war and survived into his mid 80's.

    I have his war record and can see that he was in D' Coy, although he missed DDay as he was on the X list having been injured earlier in the year.

    His record shows that he embarked UK 8th Aug '44 and disembarked NWE joining Battalion on 11th Aug '44. He was wounded the following day 12th Aug '44 with a penetrating chest wound and transported back to the UK.

    Although he survived and rejoined his unit again in December '44 as part of my research I'm trying to track details of where and when he was injured.

    On 12th Aug '44 I have the OBLI at 'Le Mesnil' where enemy mortars and artillery were more active than usual, obtaining direct hits on buildings occupied by RHQ. There were 8 casualties incurred during the day.

    Can anyone give me advice whether it's possible to to identify who the 8 casualties were to see if my Gramp was among them???
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    Hello and welcome - do you know what OBLI he was with in 1940?
  3. Silento1966

    Silento1966 Looking for info:

    Thank you for the welcome, he was in the 2nd OBLI.

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