2nd & 3rd Coldstream Guards - Roll of Honour & Awards 1939/46

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    A few years ago I read the book No Dishonourable Name (Unofficial History 2nd & 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards 1939/46) compiled by (Capt) D. C. Quilter (Chapters contributed by various regimental officers) first published 1947 (republished 1972).

    There is a 10 page Roll of Honour & Awards section that I have copied in PDF format that I was intending to put on the site.

    I have just discovered it is 2.41MB - slightly over the 2MB limit for single item uploads.

    As I have limited IT skills I wonder if anyone can advise me how to "shrink" the PDF so I can upload it. I don't have the option to convert to a word document and don't particularily want to take a photo of each page and upload as a jpeg as it will likely distort the pages


    Steve Y
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    Hi Diane,

    A very sincere public thank you very much for using your IT skills to sort out the PDF.

    Next challenge for you will be to convert the service numbers into a format that you can use to add them to your nominal roll project!


    Steve Y
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    Wasn't any trouble at all.

    In other words, cut my fingernails and do some typing :D

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