2nd & 3rd Coldstream Guards - Roll of Honour & Awards 1939/46

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    A few years ago I read the book No Dishonourable Name (Unofficial History 2nd & 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards 1939/46) compiled by (Capt) D. C. Quilter (Chapters contributed by various regimental officers) first published 1947 (republished 1972).

    There is a 10 page Roll of Honour & Awards section that I have copied in PDF format that I was intending to put on the site.

    I have just discovered it is 2.41MB - slightly over the 2MB limit for single item uploads.

    As I have limited IT skills I wonder if anyone can advise me how to "shrink" the PDF so I can upload it. I don't have the option to convert to a word document and don't particularily want to take a photo of each page and upload as a jpeg as it will likely distort the pages


    Steve Y
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    Hi Diane,

    A very sincere public thank you very much for using your IT skills to sort out the PDF.

    Next challenge for you will be to convert the service numbers into a format that you can use to add them to your nominal roll project!


    Steve Y
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    Wasn't any trouble at all.

    In other words, cut my fingernails and do some typing :D
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    I am trying to find info on my grandfather George Frederick Robinson 2656954 L/Sgt. Died April 18, 1945. Coldstream Guard. I can’t find him in any lists.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What “lists” do you mean?

    There is very little available on “lists” on the internet that does not require a paid subscription. He is “listed” in the PDF in this thread.

    He is recorded on Commonwealth War Graves free site here -

    Search Results | CWGC

    You can apply to UK MOD for his service records. Cost £30 via this link -

    Request records of deceased service personnel

    As his army service number suggests he is a pre war CG enlistment (mid 1930’s) you will find some records about him on findmypast site if you join there - try the 14 day free trial. They also have the UK WW2 official army casualty lists. They will confirm whether he was killed in action or died from another cause.

    Here is a link to a downloadable copy of the official regimental history test will give you details of the activities of 2nd CG in the final stages of the Italian Campaign.

    The Coldstream Guards, 1920-1946, by Michael Howard and John Sparrow.

    Good Luck

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  7. Pam MacIntyre

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    Thank you. Lists meaning info, sorry for confusion :)
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    Thanks for the explanation.

    He may not have served with 2nd CG throughout his service - his records will confirm his movements. When 3rd CG returned to England from Italy in February 1945 some men were transferred to 2nd CG. Do you know if he was with 2nd CG in France 1939/40?

    He was likely recalled as a reservist in 1939 as he may have completed his 4 year initial enlistment (unless he had gone for a longer enlistment period) by then and had commenced his 8 years on the reserve.

    If you have any more photographs to share I am sure that members will be interested and may be able to interpret them for you. The page you attached with multiple photographs is too small to make out locations or recognise any faces so it might be better to attach individual images.

    I’m away from my copy of No Dishonourable Name for a few weeks but I’ll have a look to see if he gets a mention.



    The attached reburial form from CWGC suggest he was killed in action and given a battlefield burial with his comrades and only moved in to Argenta Military Cemetery in March 1946. There may be members on the forum who will be able to interpret the map reference provided and locate the original burial location on a modern map.

    For completeness here are the pages from Michael Howard’s book (he became an eminent historian post war) that cover the action of 18th April. 2nd CG suffered 13 killed in action on the day.:poppy:

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  9. Andreas

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    Just looking through the RoH - Christmas 1942 was really bad for 3 CG.

    All the best

  10. Tullybrone

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    Hi Andreas,

    Likely a simple typo but for clarity I expect you meant 2nd CG suffered heavily Xmas 1942.

    As you will know it was the action at Longstop Hill in Tunisia that accounted for their 100 KIA and 200 wounded so soon after their arrival to join 78th Division in 1st Army.

    3rd CG were reforming and training in Syria at the time having been effectively “wiped out” during the June 1942 Knightsbridge battle and withdrawal into Tobruk where 400+ were taken POW at the surrender of the Garrison.

    The survivors of Number 2 Company, B Echelon and a few stragglers from other regiments (approx 200 in total) lead by Major Sainthill who had ignored the order to surrender, and was subsequently awarded a DSO, escaped eastwards through the minefields to fight another day.

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    Here's Sheet 89 with Alfonsine on it, but unfortunately the Map Reference is wrong. However, I think it's safe to say that he and his collegaues on the concentration form were initially buried in Alfonsine cemetery.

    Were they in 2 Commando, killed during Operation Roast?


    Edited to say that they don't appear in 2 Commando's list of fallen.

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  12. Tullybrone

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    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for posting the map.

    I think they were all 2nd CG - CWGC doesn’t give a secondary unit and all the men on the concentration sheet are shown as 2nd CG.


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  13. Pam MacIntyre

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    Thank you so much! So kind of you.
  14. Tullybrone

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    Findmypast are having their usual free weekend access for the Remembrance weekend.

    I have found 2 documents relating to your grandfather.

    1. His entry in the Regimental Enlistment Register. It is very brief but from the entry showing he was discharged to Class A Army Reserve 5th January 1939 with an Exemplary Character Assessment I think it is safe to say he enlisted direct to Coldstream Guards 5th January 1935. The whole page is too large to upload so I have edited it.

    2. His entry in the Regiment Casualty Book. Casualties are listed in chronological order in an alphabetised book. As he was killed only a fortnight before hostilities in Italy ended he is towards the bottom of the page. I recognise several names towards the top of the page as contemporaries of my father who were killed in Egypt & Libya 1940/41 with 3rd CG.:poppy:


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  15. Gary Tankard

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    2nd Coldstream Guards War Diary for 18th April 1945.

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    Here are the map references for some of the codes, others aren't referenced.

    SYKES - House 315720
    CRATCHITT - Bridge 294680?
    HEAP - Bridge 308729
    DROOD - Junction 308697
    DOMBEY - House 311701
    SNODGRASS - Bridge 313718
    WELLER - Canal Junction 322709
    BUMBLE - house 310715
    MICAWBER - Bridge 343983?
    RUDGE - Bridge 327736?
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  17. Gary Tankard

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  18. Pam MacIntyre

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    Thank you so much. This means so much. We didn’t know where he was killed and exact areas he fought. ED14BE24-8B41-4F49-A545-073488FC509C.png
  19. Pam MacIntyre

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    So grateful for info I am so sad I didn’t meet him. He sounded like an amazing person. He has kindness in his eyes and looks so stoic. It is heart breaking he died right as it was ending. My dad was a toddler, he only met him briefly and my grandma was pregnant with their 2nd child. I am sad for him to lose his dad. His medals etc. were sent back by a family member, which was devastating to my dad/us. It caused a lot of pain. So many stories of these incredible men who had to endure war. I spent the day dodging work, reading as much as I could about 2nd Battalion, Coldstream Guards, info on Monte Cassio. I was going through all of that. Wondering what he/these men endured. God Bless them all.
  20. Pam MacIntyre

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