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    * The tank was in fact a King Tiger and not a Panther.

    Before embarkation to France in June, 1944 a list of tanks and vehicles was prepared by the 2nd Armoured Battalion, Irish Guards. On it Lance-Corporal BARON is listed as being Driver/Mechanic in a crew of 5. The tank was a Sherman in No. 2 Squadron, No. 4 Troop and was the Troop Leader’s tank.
    The officer was Lieutenant John GORMAN (died 2014).)
    The other members were Guardsman A. SCHOLES, Gunner/Mechanic (died 2000),
    Guardsman J. AGNEW, Gunner/Operator, and
    Guardsman A. Melville, Gunner/Mechanic.

    From Lancashire County Publications (England) - Monday, August 26, 2002:
    From The Times, September 3, 2002:
    From The Times, 2002:

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