24 and 52 Anti-Tank Regiments - equipment?

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by jigsawged, Aug 24, 2016.

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    I have posted this elsewhere but realised that this was the more appropriate place.
    Try as I might, I can find only very brief references to either 52 Anti Tank Regt. RA and 24 Anti Tank Regt. RA. There is enough around to tell me that they existed but then I know that from my dad's military records, he spent time with both units between Nov 1946 to his embarkation back to the UK in June 1947 (he had previously served in NWE with 41 Searchlight Regt. RA in Aug 1944). Can anyone help by giving me a pointer to where I can discover the guns used by them in this role?

    I have found the M10 Wolverine and 17 pounders used by some AT Regiments but I can't determine what 52 and 24 were issued with.

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