2 SAS Operation Maple Thistledown

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    My partners Uncle was Lance Corporal Donald Hughes of 2 SAS and took part in Operation Maple Thistledown landing in Italy on the 7 January 1944. He was a member of party number 4, led by Sergeant Hill. He was captured at Artena on the 3 February 1944.
    I have read all the information from the transcribed files by DBF , just looking for anything else out there, pictures, reports or any more info about their trip to captivity in Germany.
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    HI Nic

    we have a group for SAS family members to share info on facebook you might want to join and go through teh pictures there. just copy and paste the link into your browswer and it will send you to the joining page.

    Facebook Groups
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    I would dearly love to find any surviving photos or info of my late father's time with 2 SAS 1942-45. He once told me he had his D-Day at Anzio, and ended the war somewhere in Austria. Beyond that the family remaining know so little! He was Corporal Raymond William Barr, initially Fusiliers then 8 Commando then 2 SAS from around December 1942 in North Africa.
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    If this entry is correct there will be very few photos until VE-Day, cut & paste disabled: Lt. Robert Leslie Holtby British Army 2nd Btn. Seaforth Highlanders The Wartime Memories Project

    Two years ago this appeared, without an answer where the photo was:
    From: SAS - 2 SAS Italy

    Could the photo be on this, a VE-Day parade of the unit? Scroll to the end: Book Details Crucial Role of the British SAS in Italy During WWII

    Others here may know more or where to look, good luck.
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