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  1. Dave

    Dave Junior Member

    while I was checking on some other deaths, i came across these 2 airmen-

    Ogef. Rudolf Stein 462 15/5/42 on marker.

    Ofel. Micheal Kalisch 62720-39 again 15/5/42.

    they are on the Graves Registration Reports for Caister cemetery, later re-intered at Cannock Chase. Would they have crash landed, bailed out or be washed up on the nearby beach?

    any help appreciated, thanks,

  2. RAFCommands

    RAFCommands Senior Member

    Oberfw M Kalisch
    Obergefr R Stein
    Obergefr F Wimmer
    Obergefr H-G Westermann


    Dornier Do 217E-4


    Shot down by No.610 Sqn and crashed into the North Sea off Happisburgh, Norfolk at 18:00 hrs.

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  3. graeme

    graeme Senior Member


    Stein Block 5, Grave 32
    Kalisch Block 5, Grave 33

    Only these 2 were recovered


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  4. Dave

    Dave Junior Member

    thank you again Graeme, and also to you Ross, for your help. Ross is this from your own files, or is there a database anyone can check?

  5. RAFCommands

    RAFCommands Senior Member

    It was from my sea losses files.

    An amalgamation of detail gleaned before the rise of the internet.

    CWGC printed register of German Deaths (now released on the CWGC web pages).
    RNLI Records of Service 1939-46 - I digitized them for RNLI Rescue Records at Poole as a donation circa 1990 - the section uses them to answer written queries on services and no services.
    Simon Parry et al manuscript Luftwaffe losses subsequently forming the updated print version in The Blitz Then and Now.
    AIR 50 combat reports, AIR27 squadron ORBs and AIR 29 A/SR unit crash call reports.

    It was a shared claim by pilots of Red Section this the combat report for one of them.

    View attachment AIR 50_172_13.pdf

    Form 1151 Copyright The National Archives
    With the advent of Internet there is additional data available as above and for example http://www.oldlowestoft.co.uk/ajt/?The_letters_-_1942

  6. Dave

    Dave Junior Member

    hi, Ross,
    thanks for the explanation, with the www now you can be off to a good start, then there's the official stuff. It's marvellous where a name and curiosity can take you.

    thanks again for your help,

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