2 bn East Yorkshire Regiment, company?

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    I am new to this forum and am really grateful for all the information I’m finding! I am currently going through my grandfather’s service records and I’m reading The East Yorkshire Regt. 1939/1945 by P.R.Nightingale.

    I was wondering if there is any way of finding out what company my grandfather was part of in 1944?

    Name: Francis ‘Frank’ Edward Moore, W/Sgt
    Service no: 4341259
    Regiment: East Yorkshire, 2nd battalion

    Many thanks.

  2. Tony56

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    Have you got his official service records?
    Get a copy of military service records

    Your best bet would be to seek out the regiment's war diaries, these MAY give a clue as to his company, but it is not normal for other ranks to be metioned although the appendices sometimes give that information. Remember that soldiers were often transferred between companies so a reference at one point in time would not necessarily mean that was also the case.

    Your grandfather is mentioned in the casualty lists as being wounded on 28 Feb 45, there are around 84 of the regiment reported as wounded on 27th or 28th.
  3. A.Moore

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    Thanks for your reply, Tony56. Yes, I do have his official service records, which I'm currently going through. It's all a bit overwhelming when starting out with the research. I'll make sure to find the war diaries! Thanks.

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