1st South Lancs War Diary June 1944

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  1. Paul Reed

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  2. Pete Keane

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    Good work Paul,

    If you could oblige with the 9th Battalion and then 2nd Battalion i'd be eternally grateful......

    Came across a new website with a transcript of the 2/4th Bn. war diary for their time in Suffolk, will post the link when I can find it again.


  3. martin101466

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    Just getting back after more comp. trouble...
    Thanks so much Paul - truly appreciated!!
  4. Ianto

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    This is great stuff. I took it with me last year on a visit to the area - my father landed with 1st S Lancs that day.
    I'm wondering if anyone has done the same for the diaries around the time of Overloon etc. I'm planning a trip there and the war diary would be a great thing to take along.

  5. Chris Stone

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    Bit of a latecomer to this thread but find it fascinating my late uncle was Jack Stone who it transpires landed with the S Lancs as 2i/c Maj J E S Stone who then became temp CO before being wounded himself on the 27th.
    As a family we had a rough account but were unsure of the exact details. Jack was in fact an E Lancs man and ended the war back with E Lancs as a Lt Col GSO2 on Mountbatten’s staff . He has by this time collected an OBE am wondering if this is a result of his time with the S Lancs?
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  6. Drew5233

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  7. Chris Stone

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    Yes that’s him Drew he was awarded the CBE for his involvement in Op Grapple the British Nuclear rest in the Pacific.
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  8. Pete Keane

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    If I recall correctly, 1st Bn had at least 3 C/O’s during that period due to wounding, ranks suffering equally as badly, some accounts referring to quickly injured replacements who didnt get chance to get to know their new Bn.
  9. Chris Stone

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    That’s correct Jack was wounded on the 27th June when a mortar wrecked his trench! His replacement was killed I think.
    Not sure what happened to Jack in the immediate aftermath but by wars end he is a Temp. L/Col E Lancs on Mountbatten’s staff.

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