1st Medium Regiment R.A at Dunkirk

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  1. Zimrich

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    does anyone have any info on the first medium regiment at Dunkirk as the Royal Artillery is a new field for me and I don't know where to start researching.
    In particular any action they were involved in on 28/05/1940.

    Thanks for any help

  2. Owen

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    Looking at this, I see they were GHQ Troops attatched to I Corps.

    A pre-Dunkirk story here.
  3. Owen

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    Thanks to Paul reed posting a link to the Offical History you can read about the action here,
    HyperWar: The War in France and Flanders 1939–1940 [Chapter XIII]

    28th May, 1940
    The artillery deserve a large share of the credit for holding the German attack. Not only the field regiments but I Corps artillery fired almost continuously till their ammunition was in the end exhausted.
  4. Drew5233

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    28th May 1940

  5. Drew5233

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    PM Sent due to age of thread.

    Do you have anymore details? As you can see from the regiments diaries, they were destroying their wagons and guns on the 28th and heading for the beaches.

  6. Koen

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    Does anyone have any info on the whereabouts of the Regiment on the 24th May? I'm looking in some men that are buried in the Dickebusch Old Cemetery.

  7. Drew5233

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    The Regimental First Aid Post around this time was situated in Kemmel Park.

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