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    Hello all,

    A friend of mine recently showed me the attached images and tells me the first image was taken in Northern France before the Dunkirk evacuation. His grandad is nearest the camera - with the chap on the second motorcycle being killed in France by 'some wire being placed across the road' according to the family story. Rich Payne has pointed me in the direction of this thread as the 3rd Heavy Battery were part of 1st Heavy Regiment.

    Any help in identifying who the second chap may be would be much appreciated.


    96758958_821033028387320_6914968350959337472_n.jpg 97442420_785775515162301_8100882561678442496_n.jpg
  2. Hi,

    My Grandad also served in the 1st Heavy regiment, 28th Battery as part of the RCA detachment in Europe. He passed 25 years ago and I'm interested in any information regarding his service and that of the regiment during WW2. He was 'old' in the unit, being born in 1911, and so was called 'Pops' by his colleagues; he was a L/Bdr on a 7.2" howitzer. Unfortunately he was severely injured when his battery was bombed by the Americans (blue on blue) and after recuperating, was posted to non-combat positions including the NAAFI.
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    See post number 7 above. You will not really be able to find out much without his personal records which are vital. These should be obtained from the MOD at UK gov. Don't follow an ad from a genealogy company, you pay more for far far less. From these records you will be able to obtain in due course the unit war diaries from the National Archives, by visiting or paying a researcher who has a set. Delays currently with MOD due to pandemic staffing levels and plenty of people like us asking.
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    Hi, sorry for this really late reply. If you could find a way to post or send me the photos I would be grateful. I am just back from a visit to Dunkirk. The memorial museum there is very interesting. All the best.
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    long fellow has not been on the forum for over a year might be worth dropping them a private message

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