1st Btn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers: Italy 1944-46

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    Hi Everyone,
    Although I have obtained copies of my father's Service Records and have purchased a copy of 'The History of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers' I just cannot fathom out exactly what my father did, or exactly where he was posted during 44-46. His records mention Naples, Rome, Merano and Milan, but I can't really tie these places up with 'The RNF History'.
    I can remember him telling me (a long time ago!) that he was a Vickers Machine Gunner, but his discharge papers show him as being a Batman!
    He's William Frank Goulding No. 5114825 who lived in Birmingham, and who originally enlisted in the 9th Btn Royal Warwickshire Rgt. For whatever reason, he was transferred to the 1st Btn RNF on 21/5/44.
    I feel that without knowing which Company/Unit he was in, then I can't get any further.
    Does anyone know how I can get hold of the info, or suggest a way forward?
    Any info/suggestions will be very greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks
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    Upload decent readable scans of his records for members to see with their own eyes and lets take it from there

    You can upload many images in a post, i.e. you dont need a new post for each image, but each image needs to be less than 2Mb in size

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I’m sure you know that 1st RNF were a Machine Gun Battalion so it’s correct he would’ve likely been a trained Machine Gunner. Clearly roles could change - certainly as post war demobilisation was ongoing - so it’s possible that by the time his discharge documents were prepared he had changed roles to become an officers servant.

    It’s difficult to offer any further comment without having sight of the service papers other than to suggest you might want to get hold of a copy of the Battalion War Diary. It might help to tie down locations mentioned in his service papers but it’s doubtful he will get a mention by name - unless he was absent from the Battalion and gets a mention in the weekly field returns as being “desired to be returned to the unit”. However if you know the name of his “officer” you may be able to infer his Company from that information.

    These members offer a look up and copy WD service from U.K. National Archives - just click on their forum name and send them a message to ask for a quote.

    Drew5233 or Lee PsyWar.Org

    Good Luck

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    Hi, and thanks for your rapid responses.
    I apologise for my tardiness, but I spent many hours yesterday trying to get my scanner to work. When I eventually got it to scan I then had to edit most of the scans due to the poor photocopies I have of my father's service records. Once I got that sorted, I had to resize them all and then I could not get my browser (Opera) to upload the scans!
    I'm now trying Explorer...……..
    I hope they're readable and useful.
    Steve Goulding

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  5. Tullybrone

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    I’ve had a look through the papers but can’t see anything that might help you in your search to identify his Company whilst serving with 1st RNF.

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    My only suggestion is to get hold of the war diaries for the relevant regiments at the particular time he was with them. Whilst it is rare for O/Rs to get a mention in the diary you may find that individuals get a mention in some of the appendices that are often attached. At the very least you should get a more detailed look at where the regiment was operating.

    Some are difficult to read but my understanding of the service records is that he left the UK on 25/3/44 and disembarked BNAF 9/4/44 where he was posted to the X(iv) list pending posting to a unit.

    On 21/5/44 he was posted to the 1st Bn, RNF at Naples. He was struck off strength on 3/2/46 and released on 6/2/46 when he prepared for his road journey back to the UK via Merano and Milan arriving 26/4/46.

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