1st & 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    Hello Firefly44
    I'm looking into 1 FFY supporting 51 Div in and around Goch in Feb 45. Any tips? I've most of the relevant diaries and histories but for 1 FFY. Looks like I need another trip to the National Archive and British Library to get the grist. Any help gratefully recieved but all I can offer in exchange is a biggup in the acknowledgements of my thesis. :cheers:
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    Would love to know if you find anything. We were a bit confused as I have the war diary for the 1st FFY and it doesn't say anything about them being in Belsen and my grandad never spoke about it but I was told by my aunts that he did once say he was part of the clean up crew in Belsen in the crocodile flame thrower tanks and was haunted by it. Just wish I 'd started researching my family history sooner when he was still alive to talk to.
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    Same here. By the time I got around to recording my Dad and Granddad's stories, their memories were blurred and that was before I knew any of the history so I couldn't put it in context.
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    Hi there - I have just joined thr site and have found my fathers picture on your photo. Thank you so much for putting it up there. His name is James Pollock, extreme left of second row back. Also included is his friend wjho he jpined up with - Andrew Arbuckle, on the second from top row. His family will be excited to see that as am I!! Thanks again. Dad was a tank driver like your father. Brilliant!! -Jim
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    Sorry that should be extreme right on the second row
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    I didn't know the FFY got to belsen. Is there any information on that anywhere. I am concentrating on Cassel at the moment in May 1940 and found quite a bit on that.
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    Hi Jim. I don't know if FFY got to Belsen either. My Dad was in another unit. My FFY interest is for schoolwork on Op Veritable.
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  11. They were there. Belsen remains a byword for inhumanity 75 years after it was liberated
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    Hi guys - I found out that it was the 2nd FFY that went to Belsen. the 1st were in Antwerp on that day.
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    Hi anyone looking here. I live in Australia and am writing a book of the 1st FFY and the Battle for France - the three weeks that led up to the evacuation at Bray Dunes. My father was there and I have his recollections, another of his friends plus, most of all the War Diary for that time period. I would love if anyone has any memories recorded by their dads, grandfathers etc of those three weeks or even about the orientation they had to being soldiers from Aug 39 to May 40. I like to call them 'farmer-soldiers', as both dad and his pal were farmers who lived around Cupar - 'A' squadron. Anything from any of the other squadrons would be great as for a while in Cassel (May 24-29) the normal squadrons were collapsed and morphed into X and Y I think - two new temporary formations. I don't know which ones my contacts were in so more detail the better. They went with the Welsh Guards from there to Rexpoede and then the beaches.

    If you can get me some good info I can maybe get you a book as a thank you. :)

    Cheers - Jim Pollock.
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    Maeseyck .. think it's the Belgium village MAASEIK.. If of any use.
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    Hi Guys,
    Here's a thing I found concerning the conversion of 7 RTR to Crocs. Looks like they were going to use the same structure as 1 FFY. 20200110_160324.jpg 20200110_160332.jpg 20200110_160345.jpg
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    Re. Roy Vallance - who is mentioned a few times above in this thread as Trooper Vallance...

    There is a picture and brief biography here...


    See... http://ww2talk.com/index.php?search/10494839/&q=Vallance&t=post&o=relevance&c[thread]=3523

    (Nb. Though the Bio references his being a Sergeant and tank commander in the 2nd F&F, in the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry he rises in rank steadily from Trooper to Sergeant etc. - rather than being a Sergeant at the "outset")
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    I wonder if anyone can tell me or give a reference to names of troopers by troop for A squadron, 1 Fife Forfar from October 1944 onwards. I have the diary but not the appendices. I have seen this information for 2 FF. I suspect that this was changing information as the war progressed?
    Thank you
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    Sorry, I've not got it. It's a quite a way down my list now, unless they do something exciting in early March 45.
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    Hi Firefly, sorry for digging up an old post but I just wanted to thank you for the picture of C squadron. I think I located by grandmas brother George Neely in your photo (9th in on the second row) I have pictures of him (attached) his service number was 7878738.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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