18046 Colonel Ian Frederick Cory SMITH, MiD*, 12 Lancers

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    Personal Number: 18046
    Rank: Colonel
    Name: Ian Frederick Cory SMITH, MiD*
    Unit: 12 Lancers, Royal Armoured Corps

    London Gazette : 5 April 1929
    12th L.—
    The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. 21st Jan. 1929:—
    I. F. C. Smith.

    London Gazette : 5 August 1938
    12th L.—
    Capt. I. F. C. Smith to be Maj. 29th July 1938.

    London Gazette : 26 July 1940
    The names of the undermentioned have been brought to notice in recognition of distinguished services rendered in connection with operations in the field. (First list, to March 1940, sub-joined. Second list, March-June 1940, to be published later):—
    Royal Armoured Corps.
    Smith, Maj. I. F. C.

    London Gazette : 19 July 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy: —
    Royal Armoured Corps.
    12 L.
    Lt.-Col. I. F. C. SMITH (18046).

    London Gazette : 2 August 1946
    12th L.
    Lt.-Col. I. F. C. SMITH (18046) on completion of period of service in command remains on full pay (supern.), 1st Aug. 1946.

    London Gazette : 31 January 1950
    12th L.
    Lt.-Col. I. F. C. SMITH (18046) retires on ret. pay, 1st Feb. 1950, and is granted the hon. rank of Col.
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    Ian Frederick Cory SMITH
    1902 Monkton & Prestwick - 4th June 1978 West Kilbride, Ayrshire aged 76
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