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  1. shaunhulllis

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    Do any of you marvellous people have access to the 7th Ox & Bucks war diary & strength returns (WO 169/10278) for Jan-Dec 1943? I am trying to find out what actions Edmunds was present for between the Battalion landing in Italy & his wounding on the Garigliano at some time between 16 & 24 Jan 1944.

    Thank you.

  2. Tony56

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    Casualty lists state that he was wounded 18/1/44.

    7th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
    Died 20 September 1944
    Age 22 years old
    Buried or commemorated at CORIANO RIDGE WAR CEMETERY XVIII, B, 7.
    Son of Colonel Maurice William Edmunds and Evelyn Gertrude Edmunds.

    Lieutenant Michael Charles Edmunds | War Casualty Details 2049887 | CWGC
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  3. Tony56

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  4. shaunhulllis

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    Many thanks for firming up that date. His parents were under the impression that he had been wounded at Anzio, hence the newspapers stating this, but it seems clear from the 1944 strength returns that he was not with 7th Battalion at Anzio. I have his movements for 1944 fixed well, but owing to pressure of time didn't get back into 1943. He'd been with 7th Battalion in Paiforce, so he should have been with them throughout the year.
  5. Gary Tankard

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    He landed with the battalion at Salerno but was committed to 185 Field Ambulance on the 16th September 1943 (ill, not wounded). He is with the battalion on 13th December but not before 28th November 1943. Unusually his returned to the battalion is not mentioned in the WD - other officers are.
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  6. shaunhulllis

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    Gary- that is fantastic information; thank you so much. That means that Edmunds missed the Battalion's terrible experiences on Monte Camino in November.

    The family had all his letters until a few years ago, but destroyed them when his sister died. Without those papers, it's proven very hard to nail down his movements, especially with the Army service records being so slow to respond to requests.

    Thank you again.
  7. Gary Tankard

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    Argh, 'destroyed' letters. What a shame.
  8. minden1759

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    If you want to see the Garigliano battle, I am taking a group there on 14-17 May 23 which includes the wonderful Gary Tankard.

    You will see what 7 Ox & Bucks LI were up against which includes their grim time on Monte Damiano.



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