15th Scottish Recce, C Squadron > Google Mapping 1944+ Route

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  1. Ciao

    Holy Moly, almost two years on from my thread:

    15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regt - C Squadron > Tracing 1944+ Path

    To honour my missed Daddy: WO II (SSM) Albert Ward MM, promoted to A/WO I (RSM) (3126699)

    and the 15th Scottish Recce, I have tried to map 15th Scottish Recce, C Squadron's route from France, Belgium, Holland to Germany

    A Google Map of approx. route of 15th Scottish Recce, C Squadron


    Hugest thank you to Recce_Mitch for all his help on my previous thread and posting up the war records

    The map is a work in progress (I couldn't figure out The "Coordinates Translator") so any help would be hugely appreciated
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  2. Tony56

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    To take the example in your other post NETTELKAMP 920799.
    15th Scottish Reconnaissance Regt - C Squadron > Tracing 1944+ Path

    You first need to have a rough idea of where the location is, in this case Germany will do. In the echodelta site look for the grid covering that area i.e. NORD de GUERRE zone.
    echo 01.jpg
    Now you need to find out which grid it is in, find the location on a modern map and then locate the square. Some diaries give an indication by quoting a letter in front of the map reference, if not it's trial and error. As the echodelta grid shows rivers it is useful to use a map where rivers show up clearly, Bing maps is not bad.
    echo 03.jpg

    In the case the square you are interested in is rX, put that into the co-ordinate translator.
    echo 02.jpg echo 04.jpg

    That gives you the location.
    echo 05.jpg

    Copy the latitude/longitude into Google maps. At one time you could click on the Mapquest link at the bottom and it would open up the location on a map, for some reason this seems to have stopped working but you can copy and paste the lat/long into Google.

    echo 06.jpg echo 07.jpg

    You will soon get the hang of it.
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  3. V thanks @Tony56 for mega detailed help. I will need REECE map training for that (and a bottle of Cava LOL]. so hard :)
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