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    My Dad served in 15th Div royal Engineers ; I have a clear picture of a Humber Lt Recce Car with the AoS 51 , which is the junior company of an Infantry Div, so taking the 3 Companies numerically I thought the seniority would be 20th, 278th, 279th so my Dad would be a member of 279th; However I saw an article in a very old Windscreen magazine which throws this into doubt. Can anyone advise please TED.
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    According to Joslen, 15 inf Div had the following Fd Coys RE:-

    278 Fd Coy (3/9/39 - 31/8/45)
    279 Fd Coy (3/89/39 - 9/2/40) & 12/7/40- 31/8/45
    280 Fd Coy (3/9/39- 15/12/42)
    20 Fd Coy (26/3/43 - 31/8/45).
    So 20 Fd Coy was the 'junior' company in terms of joining date.

    I can confirm from war diaries that markings in 1941 were 278 Fd Coy [49], 279 Fd Coy [50], 280 Fd Coy [51].
    In 1943 they were 278 Fd Coy [49], 279 fd Coy [50], 20 Fd Coy [51] and these remained the same until the division disbanded in Mar/Apr 1946.

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    Dave many thanks for this info, it corrects an assumption I made many years ago. So now time to go through 20th Fd Coy war diaries and plot their movements during my Dad's time with them.
    Thanks again
    regards TED

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