158471 Peter Molyneux STUART, Devonshire Regiment & 2nd SAS Regiment

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  1. Well.....2 years later, looking at the last post......
    I am looking for the date of birth and the date of decease of Lieutenant Peter Molyneux Stuart.
    Does anyone has that information available?
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  2. David Woods

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    1556561 Peter Molyneux Stuart
    Cause of Discharge 29th Nov. 1940
    “For the purpose of being appointed to a commission in accordance with King’s Regulations 1940 para. 390 (xvii)”.

    The undermentioned Cadets, from 122nd, 123rd and 3rd O.C.T.U's., to be 2nd Lts., except as otherwise stated, 30th Nov. 1940: —

    158471 Peter Molyneux Stuart

    The is the simple answer to your question.
    Date of Birth: 9th February, 1915
    Date of Death: 21st July, 1971

    Tracing his ancestry was however, complicated and far from simple.
    I provide the documents I have found, but verification by the forum's experts may be needed.

    Firstly, there are two people born to the same mother, at the same time, but they are not twins.
    Peter Molyneux Stuart.
    Royden Molyneux Stuart.

    Peter Molyneux Stuart has a birth certificate. Image 1 & 2
    Royden Molyneux Stuart does not. Image 3 & 4

    Peter Molyneux Stuart marriage, 1936. Image 5.

    Peter Molyneux Stuart residence, 1939. Image 6.

    Royden Molyneux Stuart has a death certificate. Image 7 & 8
    Peter Molyneux Stuart does not.

    Royden Molyneux Stuart, Probate Death Index. Image 9.

    The circumstances are very strange, but they appear to be the same man to me. I'll leave it to you to decide.
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    Not finding many entries for this full name in England and Wales, but these could be him:

    1939 London Electoral Roll & Post Office Directory
    STUART Peter Molyneux, 1 Exeter Mansions, Exeter Road, Cricklewood, London NW2. Also at this address is Thelma STUART

    poss marriage for this couple is Peter M STUART to Thelma H BROOKES, Wilsden 1936

    In Apr - Jun 2008 the death of a Peter Molyneux STUART (born 1915) is registered in Kensington and Chelsea Registration District.
    GRO Reference: DOR Q2/2008 in KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA (2391A) Reg 1A002 Entry Number 500981635
    This is the link for an online order:

    From the probate indexes:
    STUART, Peter Molyneux died 9.6.2008 probate granted 25.11.2008 at Brighton, East Sussex.
    order a copy online here, £ 1.50 per will, delivery online, usually takes about a week.

  4. Thank you very much for the given information !!!

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