14689383 William STEWART, 8 Royal Scots: Grave Photograph please

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    Hi ,

    After doing some in depth searching today , found my great uncles grave details,

    Rank: Private
    Regiment/Service: Royal Scots
    Unit Text: 8th Bn.
    Age: 26
    Date of Death: 31/10/1944
    Service No: 14689383
    Additional information: Son of John and Mary Bole Stewart, of Gifford, East Lothian.
    Place of birth: East Lothian
    Grave/Memorial Reference: II. G. 11.

    Now I haven't been able to locate a photograph of his grave and my father who is bedbound has always wanted to travel to his uncles grave but obviously because of illness is unable to travel to Holland.

    Does anyone know where I could get a photograph of my Great Uncles grave in Nederweert ? Even tried google street view but can not zoom in on Wullie's grave. Any help would be much much appreciated thank you in advance
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    Many thanks Clive.

    Appreciate your help.


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    Hello we are conducting research with a group of volunteers on all graves in Nederweert. If you happen to have information about people then we might be able to exchange information.


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    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

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    Has your indepth searching included obtaining his Service Records? That will be your best guide to where he was and what he was doing.
    At only 19, he'd only have been in France and Holland for a few months, but

    Obviously, I don't want to cause upset, but if you want details, you can probably get the War Diary for 8th Bn Royal Scots for that month which may clarify what happened. It seems that about a dozen were killed that day, so a pretty intense firefight may have occurred.
    Again, forgive the indelicacy, but initially Wullie was buried at Leensel, Holland Sheet 27 1/25000 Map Ref 663122.

    One of our expert Pals may be able to provide the Map showing that location, to help tie it in to what the War Diary reveals. Of course, it may be that the location turns out to be a Dressing Station or First Aid Post where he died after being wounded nearby, but it may give some context.

    Strangely, there are some details of the 8th Bn on the web, such as here http://www.theroyalscots.co.uk/the-territorial-battalions-in-ww-2/
    but it doesn't have any details for actions in October 1944.....
    However it does give an idea of their activities once they reached France
    The 8th Battalion landed in Normandy on D+10, 16 June 1944. They were soon in action with 15th (Scottish) Division in establishing what became known as ‘The Scottish Corridor’ with the aim of relieving German pressure on the Americans to the west by securing a crossing of the River Odon and into the area to the south of it.
    A lovely headstone and inscription
    Son of John and Mary Bole Stewart, of Gifford, East Lothian.

    EDIT: Wiki has this photo taken on 27 October of men of the 8th Bn. Unlikely, but if you have a photo of Wullie, he might be in it..
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    The OP asked back in 2012 & hasn't been back since 2013.
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    Thanks for the response, certainly on a topic that is so old and I am new so I thought I would just try it. I have indeed found the dairy of the unit in question and have already found a few things based on the coordinates and information from the CWGC. I have not specifically searched for William Stewart but I saw that there had already been communication about it in the hope that there might be a picture of him.

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    And may I thank you all for your replies. I've found myself back on the forum after having a son who is now asking alot of questions about my great uncle who passed. I'll have a look into the links provided and a closer look at the photo and hope that Wullie is in it as what a great treasure that would be for our family. Many Thanks Fiona

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