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    This Regiment sailed for India in June 1942 and arrived in Bombay in October 1942 according to Farndale. It was then part of 32 Indian Armoured Division at Poona. In late 1944 it retrained as a Parachute Field Regiment and was part of 44 Indian Airborne Division in January 1945. In late 1945 it was put into suspended animation.

    Did it ever serve at the front or did it spend it's whole war in India? Any detail on what it was involved in during this period much appreciated.
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    I have the war diaries (or extracts) for 1943, 1944 and 1945. This regiment spent the entire war in India
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    Many thanks Bingomighty. Apologies for the delay - missed your reply. Can you recall what they were doing and where?
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    He hasn’t signed in to the forum since he made his one and only post in October.

    You might be better off sending him a PM.

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    I dont log in very often. This Regiment spent a lot of time training in the new para role. It did not, so far as I can see, engage in any front line activity. I was interested because my late father was an officer with the Regiment during this time 1944/45. If you woud like, I can send you copies of the complete War Diaries or you can tell me what you are looking for and I will review them. There is quite a lot.
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    I will try with the files but they are about 170mb in all
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    I study North Africa and Italy.
    Although I had two uncles in India and Burma.
    Many others will also be interested if you have time to post interesting excerpts.
    Not sure exactly who has a website about the campaign, possibly more than one.
    You might get a few takers who would make good use of the complete diaries.
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