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    Hope someone can help.

    My father's WW2 records for Africa include a posting to 1209 Base Survey Inst w/s.
    (w/s =war substantive).

    Part II Order : 02EME 37/44

    Posting: 22.9.44 1209 Base Svy Inst w/s

    Officers Initials: ?

    After that he was posted back to 512 Field Survey on 26.10.44

    Does anyone have any info on 1209 Base Survey?

    Thanks in anticipation
  2. Trux

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    I think in this case w/s is workshop. This would give 1209 Base Survey Instrument Workshop.

    North African Base units are not well covered but 1209 will be listed somewhere. It will be attached to a larger workshop unit. My interest and expertise is 21 Army Group in NW Europe and they sent items back to big workshops in the UK. This was not an option in N Africa.

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    Thanks Mike, I appreciate your comments and for letting me know that w/s can also mean workshop (makes sense).

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