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    I'm trying to research some military history of my family, I don't really no a lot, I have a few photos but that's it. I'm trying to gather some info to surprise my Nan.
    Unfortunately I do not have any records I know names and dates of birth/death that all the info I have, except one photo of Nans brother George H Browning who is standing next to a sign that says 113/114 FLD. BTY. ROYAL ARTILLERY 44. So I'm completely stuck at where to look. Can anybody help?

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    113/114 Bty were part of 33 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery in 3 Infantry Division. That ties in nicely with the photos as the 3 Div sign is the red triangle on black triangle that you can see on the memorial and his arm in the full length photo. The 44 was a code number for the regiment usually carried on their vehicles.

    3 Div assaulted SWORD beach on D-Day, so they're quite well known.

    If you Google "113/114 Bty" (with the quotes) you should get a hit on a transcription of 33 Fd Regt's war diary for their time in Holland later in the campaign. It will be quite technical but may give you a flavour for what they were doing. Some regiments published their own histories, but I don't know if 33 Fd Regt did.

    You will also be advised to apply for his service records from the MOD as these will give his 'career' history - he may have been in a different unit earlier in the war.
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    Thank you very much. This should help a lot :)
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    Beware: it's just the tip of an iceberg!
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    Just seen your post, my grandad also served in 33rd Field Regiment, have you seen this below picture of the regiment in action?


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    Yes I have seen this pic before, it's brilliant. I managed to find some more photos of my great uncle.

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    If anyone managed to find any War Diary details for 33 Field Regiment then I would greatly appreciate details of any entries for 29 November 1944 in order to try and trace a casualty - see....

    Assistance with Tracing Casualty from 2 Royal Ulster Rifles 29 November 1944?

    I've found some summary details at 33 Field Regiment for January 1945 onwards but rather bizarrely I am trying to track down the owner of a pair of trousers and accompanying items belonging to an injured man found in the attic of a house in Blitterswijck that was used as an Observation Post for 113/114 Battery of 33 Field Regiment on 30 November 1944 in support of 2 RUR when it was shelled from across the river - see:

    2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2: 1st December 1944 - Second attack on Wanssum
    9th British Infantry Brigade During World War 2: November 1944 - 29 November 1944 entry in War Diary

    The FOO of 113/114 Battery of 33 Field Regiment at the time was Captain Henry Shearer Taylor who received an MC for his actions (see below) and have so far I narrowed it down to a signaller from 33 Field Regiment or member of a small 2 RUR team located at the forward observation post at this time.

    It has now become a bit of an obsession so if anyone has any details from 33 Field Regiment (or 9 Field Ambulance) from around this time it would be greatly appreciated....

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    By way of update, I have now been supplied with a copy of a Journal relating to 33 Field Regiment's actions between D-Day and VE Day by Martina's Desk which has been uploaded to the website for general viewing and posterity at the bottom of the home page at:

    9th British Infantry Brigade During World War 2

    The site was originally created to host the 9th British Infantry Brigade Headquarters War Diary but at some stage I will try and get around to adding content for all of the associated units including:
    • 2nd Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment
    • 1st Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers
    • 2nd Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles
    Other units associated with the group on D-Day included:
    • East Riding Yeomanry
    • 33 Field Regiment
    • No 3 Platoon, 253 Field Company
    • 101 Anti Tank Battery
    • 9 Field Ambulance
    • Detachment 106 Bridging Company RASC
    • Detachment 172 Infantry Brigade Company RASC
    so would welcome any potential content, photos, personal accounts etc that might be added....

    Quis Separabit
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