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    W/S Gunner A/ Naik Bandu Jadhao MiD, 4th Indian Field Regiment, Indian Artillery.

    Recommended for Military Medal.

    Received Gallantry Certificate (MiD).

    On the night of 22 March 45 on the road running south from Nadaunggya to Shwerayan, Nk. Bandu Jadhao was wireless operator in an OP Party in support of a Coy of 1/15 Punjab Regt.

    During the night a party of the enemy bumped the Coy position and opened fire on it with LMG's & grenade dischargers. Arty support became necessary and in order to pass fire orders Nk. Bandu Jadhao got into his Jeep to operate the wireless set which there had not been time to dig in.

    By doing so he became completely exposed to the enemy fire and also extremely conspicuous since his voice could be heard passing the fire orders. In spite of this, he remained at his post throughout the action calmly passing orders until effective Arty fire was brought to bare inflicting casualties on the enemy party and forcing them to withdraw. During the whole of this time the Jeep was subjected to LMG and grenade discharger fire and Nk. Bandu Jadhao displayed courage and calmness of a very high order, in keeping with the best traditions of the Royal Regiment.

    Recommended for MM by Lt. Col. J.H. Branford, Commandant, 4th Field Regiment, Indian Artillery.

    Recomendation changed to MiD by Maj. Gen. T.W. Rees, Comd 19th Indian Division.

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    Drew -
    they are real buggers some of those div cmmdrs - you would think that the cost of an MM. came out of their pockets - real stingy bar steward this one...and where was the Brigadier in this commendation - deaf and dumb ?
  3. Drew5233

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    I couldn't agree with you more. Perhaps I should have added more info though. His Brig recommended him for the MM too and after that, the Div and Corps Commanders said MiD.
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    Mate - that is blimming brilliant.

    As soon as I get home to Australia I am going to relay that to Richard. Maybe the LtCol's name or the name of the road or even what regiment they were supporting at the time will ring some bells. The fact it was an OP party commitment might even jog his memory.

    It really cheers me up to see that Richard's memory of the MM being recommended is correct. I don't think I told him that it was changed to a MiD, I showed him the gazettal page and just referred to the Naik being properly rewarded.

    It brought tears to his eyes because he lost all contact with his men as the war drew to a close and he never really knew what the outcome was.

    No expert on recommendations for awards, but I guess he would have had some input to the submission as the member's OIC.

    Where does the citation come from, a book or straight from official records somehow??

    Do you have any more info on the Naik or the unit itself?

    I can't find any real direct reference works for the 4th Field Regiment IA - I think it went to Pakistan after partition in 1948 and any histories are in India or Pakistan.
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    Just checking through what else I know about the 4th FR, they were part of the 19th Indian Division at the time. What accounts I can find refer to them supporting units as part of Brigade operations. The 19th was made up of three Brigades each of three Regimental battalions.

    However, the Punjab battalion was the Divisional reconnaissance regiment and this is the first mention I have seen of the 4th FR operating in support of that specific unit. I will have to see what I can find on the Punjab unit to see if there are any references to this skirmish
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    All the citations from WW2 are listed online at the National Archives and can be viewed online in a digitized format or in person at Kew.

    I don't have anymore information on him as for his unit I would speak to one of the RA experts.

    Please post any comments from your friend on here, I'd be interested to hear what he says.


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