1014 and 1010 docks operating Coy's RE

Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by matthew lucas, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. matthew lucas

    matthew lucas Junior Member

    Hi all,
    have just discovered 2 of my Grandad's cousin's and wanted a little more info if possible.
    Sapper Thomas Lowe of 1014 Docks Operating company died 10/08/51 aged 41 he is buried in his home town of Middlesbrough. Have not got his service record yet,but will and wondered if the unit served overseas in 40/41 or served in the UK? can't find anything on 1014
    What must be his younger brother William served in 1010 coy and died on 17/06/1943 aged 38 at sea, I presume he was on the SS Yoma?, likewise no record as yet, but wondered if anyone knows anything at all about them or the units. I have seen a couple of posts about 1010 company
    many thanks
  2. scott simpson

    scott simpson Member

    Hi Matt,
    My grandad served with the 945 Inland Waterways Transport and I have copied much
    of their war diaries content. The 1014 and 1010 port optg coys are mentioned a couple of
    times, as is the sinking of the Yoma, as a detatchment of the 945 were aboard too.
    I'm having problems wirth my computer , so cannot post anything on the site at the moment.
    I can send you a couple of excerts from these diaries, covering the Yoma sinking and another
    making mention of the 1014 optg coy, if you let me have an e-mail address.
  3. matthew lucas

    matthew lucas Junior Member

    Thanks. Pm sent. I can add that on tom lowes headstone it says accidentally drowned at swansea.
  4. scott simpson

    scott simpson Member

    Hi Matt,
    PM sent in return. The diaries take some working out, but I'm sure you'll see the
    the mentions of your relatives companies. Interesting to note that the diariy suggests that
    the H.M.T Yoma struck a mine, when in fact, it was torpedoed by a U-boat.
    Hope you find them interesting.
    Incidentally, accidental drownings were seemingly, not uncommon. A chap in the
    945 IWT accidentally drowned in a canal at Venice, just a few days after war ended.
    Very sad indeed.
  5. sandum

    sandum New Member

    My father was in 1006 D.O.Coy and it seems he was transfered to 1010 D.O.C on the 24-6-43 I guess as a replacement for those lost on
    17-6-43 where so many on 1010 seem to have been lost at sea.

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