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    My Dad's cousin was in the 1/8 battalion of the Middlesex Regiment.
    He was Territorial Army and got called up in 1939. Went to France with BEF February 1940. Was evacuated and died in a military hospital in Wokingham 7th March 1941.
    I'm trying to fit the pieces together.
    I see he is on the casualty list but it just gives the date of his death.

    I've read somewhere here today of the movements of his unit. I would like to know when they were evacuated back to the UK and what happened - I presuming he got injured in a training exercise - in the Middlesex Chronicle 22nd March 1941 it said he died of an illness.

    I ordered his death certificate last night. To get his service record is awkward as I'm in Euroland and payment seems to be extremely difficult.

    If anyone could fill in the blanks I'd be grateful

    Cyril Sidney Jones -Private- 1/8 battalion of the Middlesex Regiment - service number 6206879

    Thank you.
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    As you say the newspaper article states that he died 'following an illness' and when the death certificate arrives this should provide the cause of death and if it was as a result of a training exercise although I suspect not as his death, in that case, is more likely to have been described as a result of an accident.

    Foreign applications for service records are more difficult as applicants are unable to pay online so an International Money Order is generally the way.

    Photograph of the final resting place of Jones, Cyril Sidney - The War Graves Photographic Project

    From your other post you have already seen the fairly comprehensive report of the regiment:
    8 Middlesex Regiment - I've just got my fathers service records - please help
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    Thank you for your reply. That is good to hear, I've been really worried his death would be from wounds received, we shall see then.

    Yes, I think with a money order I'd pay through the nose on top of the 30,-GBP.

    Thank you for the grave stone link, I'd not come across that.

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