New Resource Royal Canadian Engineer War Diary Index - Heritage Canadiana 16 Dec 2019

This spreadsheet provides a reel-page number index for all RCE War Diaries

  1. dryan67
    I have put together a spreadsheet that contains a complete index for Royal Canadian Engineer War Diaries located at Heritage Canadiana. Each unit is shown with the equivalent reel numbers and page numbers with the reel as well as the date range for each reel. In the spreadsheet, any units shown in red started the war in Canada or served only in Canada. The reels in red indicate the time spent in Canada.
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  1. macham
    Version: 16 Dec 2019
    This is a very valuable contribution and I know that it takes considerable effort to pull it together. So, thank you very much. If anybody on this site is particularly interested in the RCE in Italian Campaign, I have a 60 page book on the subject. PDF copies are available online for researchers. Hard copies are available to those who are willing to make a contribution to the RCE museum. Contact for details.