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  1. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    RAF Hendon

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  2. Jakob Kjaersgaard

    Jakob Kjaersgaard Senior Member

    Really great stuff, chaps!

    Slaphead, I've always wanted a Spitfire in the garden! :lol:

  3. Gage

    Gage The Battle of Barking Creek MOD

    Three more from Fiskerton.

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  4. canuck

    canuck Token Colonial Patron

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  5. Jakob Kjaersgaard

    Jakob Kjaersgaard Senior Member

    Here's a few more which would go under the category "architecture".

    First one is from the jewish museum in Berlin. Second from the Olympic stadium in Berlin and the third and fourth are from the reichstag.


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  6. nicks

    nicks Very Senior Member

    A couple more from me.

    Southern England 1940.

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  7. Jakob Kjaersgaard

    Jakob Kjaersgaard Senior Member

    Nice shots! :)

    A few more:
    First two from Ryvangen in Copenhagen where a lot of the danish resistance fighters where executed and buried. Today it's a beautiful and peaceful memorial.

    Third is from Hitler's Eagle's Nest at Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden, which offers quite a spectacular view!

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