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Discussion in 'General' started by Peter Clare, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    Its said we all have 15 minutes of fame during our lifetime.

    Mine (so far) was in 2003. But it had started 50 years before. I, as a 12 year old boy along with my mother and grandmother attended the unveiling of The Runnymede Memorial (my father is commemorated on the Memorial) by the Queen on 17 October 1953. On 17 October 2003 I was invited by The Commonwealth War Graves Commission to attend the 50th anniversary of that event and to read a prayer for the Fallen, once again the Queen was to be there, a very daunting task to read in front of ones Queen. At the end of the ceremony I was introduced to Her Majesty and we had quite a chat, a very proud moment.

    The picture was taken during the ceremony in 1953, I was in there somewhere.

    What was your 15 minutes of fame?

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  2. Cpl Rootes

    Cpl Rootes Senior Member

    when my school was on the news because it was so good. They had a shot of people getting on my bus and everyone had a full face shot... except me where they got my bum and the bottom of my school bag :D
  3. adamcotton

    adamcotton Senior Member

    I was on a TV commercial for motor insurance - but all you could really see was the back of my head: some would say my best feature. That was in 1993, as I recall.
  4. BulgarianSoldier

    BulgarianSoldier Senior Member

    Hmm i though that my 15 minutes of fame was when i kissed the Bulgarian flag and swear in serving in Bulgarian army.

    But while we speak about TV commercials i was in the news befor 5-6 years ago when i was awaiting discharge from the army and they ask me a questions about Bulgarian tank battalion now and befor.

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