Young lovers escape from Auschwitz.

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    My cousin has just returned from a trip to Auschwitz & he bought me the guide book.
    On page 8 are photos of Edward Galinski and Mala Zimetbaum who escaped from Auschwitz during the summer of 1944.
    They were caught two weeks later and sentenced to death.

    One question is how did they manage to escape ?
    I see Zimetbaum committed suicide .

    edit.Ah, I see.
    They succeeded in bribing an SS man to supply them a uniform, and Zimetbaum filched a pass from the guard room.

    The Last Days Of Auschwitz | Newsweek Culture |

    Found a bit more.
    On Saturday, June 24, 1944, Mala and Edek fled from Birkenau. Edek donned an SS uniform obtained from Edward Lubusch, an extraordinary SS man who aided prisoners, and Mala, who managed to obtain a blank SS pass, dressed as a prisoner being led to work.

    Mala Zimetbaum | Jewish Women's Archive
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    Inspirational reading.
    After escaping from the camp it what a pity that they were captured.
    They both deserved a little more luck.

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    Anyone know what happened to Edward Lubusch the guard that helped them?

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