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    My grandad Frank Weston served for the Royal irish ulsters he joined just before D, Day

    i was told that he had no problems in doing his job and realised that both the German and Italians were under the same instructions.

    the only job or tome he hated was when he got sent to Palastine.

    he never said much about it apart from that he had to throw people out of there home to make room for others..

    anybody know any more about this time...did you Sapper go to palastine

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    "Several other men were superficially wounded but only nine were taken to hospital at Sarafand.
    All civilians working at the Syrian Orphanage had their contracts terminated on the 12th March 1947 and none ever worked for the military again at this location.
    The I.Z.L. admitted that they were responsible for the attack on the Syrian Orphanage (The building known as Schneller Barracks) Regimental Paymaster Middle East and home of 90 Battalion, Royal Army Pay Corps. The leader of the I.Z.L. at this time was a man called Menachim Begin and this man was made Prime Minister of Israel in 1977."
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    Hi Sorry about the delay. Did I go to Palestine? No I was back in England laying in a hospital bed with my whole body covered in plaster from my toes to me chin...Like a flaming mummy case.
    The company went on to Palestine. Not a happy time for the Jewish terror gangs were trying to kill British soldiers and did.

    I have a record of the time the sister company 17th Field Company RE spent there.
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    is it true that the British under orders had to kick families out of there home to make way for the jews...

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