WW2 Slit trench ( Latrine)

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    Another tale jumps to mind.......

    In "Loopy" Kennard's biography (as ex CO 4th QOH) he tells a story of a post war visit from a Brigadier.

    Loopy was sitting on his private "Thunderbox" when the Brigadier visited the camp and demanded to see him immediately.

    The Adjutant, knowing that Loopy was otherwise engaged said "He won't be a minute" to which the Brigadier, fed up with waiting, replied "Get him now !.... I havn't got all day !"

    Loopy's reply, heard by all, was "Tell the Brigadier I can only deal with one sxxt at a time !"
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    In Normandy our latrines, pole over a slit trench in the early days, when finished with had to be filled in and a sign left saying 'Foul Ground'. When 3 Div moved to the Yankee front near Vire we arrived at dusk in a field just vacated by Yanks, and had to spent a lot of our time burying their deposits left all round the edge of the field - that was foul. Our 'sanitary wallah' at BHQ was given one of those little motor bikes that lay around to give him some status. He was given the job of seeing our trucks out of a field in Belgium by holding up any traffic, sirens indicated someone important was coming but that didn't stop our hero from stepping out with his hand up to halt Monty's cavalcade - an officer grabbed him by thr scruff of the neck and dragged him away - saluting with the other hand of course!

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