WW2 Signals in North Africa

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  1. ebocrew

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    Signals in North africa

    I am having great difficulty finding information about units in Egypt and North Africa during the second World War!

    Units in question:

    59 Div Signals ( not sure about this one)

    4th Army Signals

    4 L of C Signals

    3 GHQ Signals.

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Drew5233

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Are you anywhere near London? If you are you should be able to get to the National Archives at Kew and view the units war diaries.

  3. Hello ebocrew,

    59 Division was disbanded after the First World War, and in WW2 became the duplicate of 55 (West Lancashire) Division. Known as the Staffordshire Div it contained Lancashire, Norfolk, Warwickshire and Northumberland battalions.
    59 Division spent all its war-time years up until 1944 training and deployed in England and Ireland before being assigned as part of the invasion follow-up corps
    Arriving in Normandy in early July, it saw action during Operation Charnwood and onwards, but by mid-August 1944 was disbanded to meet severe replacement shortages in British 2nd Army.

    50 Div Signals served in North Africa from 1941 to 1943 and I have most of their War diaries for this period. They summerise actions and also day-to-day mundain transfers between various sections.

    What sort of info are you interested in?


  4. Legasee

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    One our war veterans here at Legasee - Sidney Mitchell of the Royal Signals was based in Egypt before engaging in The Battle of Crete. Please register for free with us here to gain access our ever-increasing archive of in-depth personal accounts with war veterans.

    We are always on the look-out for more veterans to add to our online video archive, so if you are a war veteran (based in Britain) who served in the Army,Navy or RAF and have a story to tell please contact us on 0207 033 9773 or email on martin@legasee.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Sidney Mitchell, Royal Corp of Signals
    German paratroopers parachuting in
    over Suda Bay, Crete (taken by Sidney)
  5. philip webb

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    I am looking for information and if possible photos on the use of British Royal Corps Signals WS 10 trailer units towards the end of 1944 to 45
  6. philip webb

    philip webb Junior Member

    I am looking for information and if possible photos on the use of British Royal Corps Signals WS 10 trailer units towards the end of 1944 to 45

  7. Uncle Target

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    I had two uncles who served in Royal Signals in WW2 one was in North Africa then Italy from 1941-45 with 4 Air Formation Signals and 3 AFS followed by 3GHQ Sigs
    then to Italy with 1 Underground Coy CMF.
    His brother was on General Service but trained as a signaller going to Burma. He certainly moved about a lot and seems to have been a casualty replacement. When he arrived he was with the Devonshire Regt at Deolali then South Lancs at Bawli. Transferred to Calcutta with South Lancs. Moved to the 1st Wiltshires for three months then went to 14th Army Signals. He then went to a Transit Camp on 14th Army Reserve before going back to 1st Wilts on India Command from ALFSEA training on Courses at Poonah to become an instructor. For a while he was posted missing his family receiving a telegram to that effect but it does not show up on his records.
  8. Uncle Target

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    One of my uncles was at 3GHQ Sigs If you don't mind reading a bit from my notes of about four years ago. 3GHQ Sigs.jpg
    Seems I am time travelling here but perhaps someone might find it useful!
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