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    It was announced by the Office of First and Deputy First Minister on the news yesterday that Maze Prison / Long Kesh site is finally to be redeveloped.

    As you may know this was the Maze Prison which had been built on the site of the old R.A.F. Long Kesh airfield which was used extensively during the Second World War.

    Although, as usual, details are scant as to what it planned for the site this will include a 'Conflict Reconcilliation Centre' (Whatever that it) and one of the prisons infamous 'H-Blocks' will be retained as well as the Prison Hospital where prisoners on hunger strike died in 1981.

    I have e-mailed the Office of First and Deputy First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont and asked that something is done to remember the second world war history of this site - Which was also used extensively by the United States Army Air Force!!

    This is an excellent opportunity to have some sort of Museum relating the the Second World War and the efforts of many people who never returned.

    I suggest that any of you who have a similar interest as me to this subject e-mail the Ministers and let themknow what the people think.

    It is only by voicing our opinion that something positive may result.

    Andy :ukflag[1]:
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    This is an opportunity for ALL of us, the people, to tell the ministers what we want.

    Long Kesh Airfield was a very important airfield during the Second World War and was used extensively by both British and American Army Air Forces.

    Please be under no illusion - The prison hospital where terrorist prisoners starved themselves to death WILL be maintained as well as one of the iconic Prison H-Blocks so why not some remembrance for the Allied airmen from various countries who passed through this airfield never to return having given their lives for freedom??

    Please contact ps.ministers@ofmdfmni.gov.uk

    I have already done so but one voice is not enough. PLEASE take the few minutes to let them know that the efforts made by so many ... at Long Kesh is well worth preserving.

    If we, those who have a geniune interest in such history, do not take this opportunity to make out opinions known then the blame for the shopping centre, offices, quango buildings, occasional coffee shop and other crap lies with US!!

    Everyone, from around the world PLEASE tell them that Long Kesh needs some considerable reference to the contribution made by Northern Ireland to the Second World War.

    Get banging on those keys NOW and thanks very much from someone who feels very strongly that the SAecond World War history of the United Kingdom MUST be preserved.
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    The site – Which was the old Maze Prison, is now to be redeveloped and I have learned that the Office of First and Deputy First Minister currently have a “Maze / Long Kesh Programme Delivery Unit” developing site regeneration plans.

    I would appeal to everyone who, like me, believes that Northern Irelands Second World War history should be exhibited in a Museum on the site, to write to:-

    Office of First and Deputy First Minister
    Stormont Castle
    BT4 3TT.

    This is the only opportunity you will have to make your views known to thise who make the decisions.
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    I was in sunny Belfast last week and also heard on the TV that a RUC Museum is planned...do you think this will take priority?
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    To be honest the 2 things are very different.

    The RUC Museum will be within the grounds of the Headquarters at Knock immediately beside the R.U.C. Memorial Garden. – Funding will also probably come from a different budget.

    The problem with the Long Kesh site is that the Second World War history has been overtaken by the 10 men who stopped eating back in 1981 and all the baggage accompanying this.

    I have no difficulty with that piece of history being recorded however it must be in context with the rest of what took place in Long Kesh ie the Second World War airfield.

    The site is also huge and, while we have an excellent First World War Museum in The Somme Heritage Centre, there is sufficient room here for a museum relating to WW2.

    Now is the time to make your voice heard.
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    As a military researcher I fully support the establishment of a national museum for Northern Ireland. We forget the many thousands of Irishmen that both served and died for freedom, its about time we honoured them and what we need is a memorial to them all. The regimental museums can only last so long, as the MOD is trying to cut back on their real estate and the expense of running them, so this is an ideal time to establish a museum, and what better site then the Long Kesh site.
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    Just seen this article in the RSPB Nature's Home magazine regarding Long Kesh & a crashed Grumman Wildcat piloted by Peter Lock who was rescued by Seamus Kane.

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    My Father spent about a year in Northern Ireland during WW2 installing a communications centre underneath Stormont Castle. It apparently was deep enough to be bomb proof and was equipped with Fuller phone based scrambler technology and various forms of encryption equipment. It was regarded as highly secret. In later years when regional centres of government were being established in case of nuclear attack Dad was called in as a consultant. His time in NI was not wasted as that was where he met Mum.
    I'd be interested if any history of this still exists.

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