WW2 British /Canadian map symbols

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    Can someone help me with a list of the tactical map symbols used by the British and Canadian forces during ww2 ???

    Thanks in advance
  2. Richard Lewis

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    Here's a list of Military Conventional Signs dated 1941 for insertion into the Field Service Pocket book.

    Map symbols 1941.jpg

    Interesting to see that red is for own forces and blue for the enemy, the opposite of today's system.


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    There's a bit on that here, if it really is of interest!

    Link fixed!
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  4. Sheldrake

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    I thought the assumption was that British were marked in red and the enemy in blue because we wore red coats and the enemy were usually French who wore blue. The official history of the first world war shows the French in Blue and the Germans in green.
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    These maps are interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    Found this in some war diaries.

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