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  1. 2112sos

    2112sos Member

    Jeez i didnt realise there were so many WW2 video games ..anyone play World of Tanks ?
  2. arnhem44

    arnhem44 Member

    yes :)
    Beauty of it is , that it is in my opinion the first free internet game that is better rendered than paid tank games (from EA etc.).

    I eagerly anticipate the WoWarships that should come in 2015 from the same makers...
    the WoWarplanes is competing with WarThunder (also free).

    Somehow I suck at flying (obsolete) planes as compared to the use of tanks where I progressed faster (but my PC is below par).
  3. steelers708

    steelers708 Junior Member

    I've been playing WoT for four and a half years, as I'm an original Beta tester, can't believe it's been that long. Warthunder now has ground forces too, it's in Open beta testing.
  4. 2112sos

    2112sos Member

    ive been playing for about 4yrs now ..and i tried warthunder but i dont have a decent joystick and flying with a keyboard sucks i bets tested world of warplanes too but i still love wot cant wait for the ships
  5. bodunchar

    bodunchar New Member

    Its well done because there is a great deal of strategy involved for an arcade style 3D game. This is good news because older players can use "smarts" rather than crazy reaction times to best their opponents. Watch out for dribbling team mates for 2/3 of games though!
    Cons are players who pay will have a huge advantage over free gamers. Although the game is free to pay, free payers miss out on about 50% of the games playability and progress in terms of technology and crew skills is painfuly slow to non fee payers.

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