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    On April 5, 1945, the Archers of F Troop of 215 Battery (54th Anti-Tank Regiment, 52nd Division) with the battery commander's Valentine charger did not receive word that the infantry they were advancing to reinforce had been cut off. All four vehicles were disabled by enemy AT fire, and most of the crews captured. This was an operation intended to capture Dreierwalde and Hopsten, northeast of the town of Rheine.

    After dismounting their vehicles the men came under heavy enemy small arms fire and taken prisoner. After their capture they were taken to a nearby house and given medical attention.

    There is not a lot of information on the names of the men involved but I wonder if the unit is specific enough to identify them? If not, well, at least I've shared their story. It would be great to know their fates. I know this is quite a lot of men but if anyone feels like looking up one or two I would appreciate it greatly!

    Captured by the Germans:
    Major Taylor (who was the battery commander), Bombardier Wright, Bombardier Smith, Gunners Shoesmith, Hutchings, Sanderson, and Lance Sergeant White

    Severely wounded men left for the British to evacuate:
    Gunners Gore, Leven, Hall, and Lance Bombadier Cheesley

    On April 15, the Regiment was informed that Major Taylor escaped from German military hospital, was found by the Derby Yeomanry, and then evacuated through 176 CCP.
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    Answers may well be in the WO361 series for Missing Personnel. Expect to spend a lot of time digging, more efficient than looking for PW Questionnaires.
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    I wasn't even thinking of PW Questionnaires! More just wondering if any of them died. But thank you.

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