Wilford Hiram Kirk, L154040

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  1. Hello everybody,
    Knight 4th Class in the Military Order of William.
    Looking for information about his performance in the Battle in the neighbourhood of Woensdrecht. (Battle for the Scheldt?)
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    Wilfred Hiram Kirk
    BIRTH 18 FEBRUARY 1918 • Man
    DEATH 30 JULY 2009 • Ingleside, Marchwell, Sask, Canada

    With Queen Margarett of Holland/Netherlands She Invited wilfred back in honor of the Canadian Solidiers paying his way for him to attend

    Queens own Cmeron Highlanders.
    Marchwell Sask
    went over seass Sept 1942 trained in England went to France. first action was when the Allied Forces broke through the bridgehead at Caen in Normandy. fought the camerons through france, Belgium, Holland and parts of Germany, few days out of the lines with minor shrapnes woulnds. Hif fighting ended at the Rhine Rier in Germany he was sent back to Ghent, Belgium in March 1945 as an insturctor to new recruits fr Can. He joined the Camerons back in Amerfoort Holland when the war was over. took command of the Regimental police. while on patrol on motorcycle he ran into a shell crater and broke his collarbone 6 weeks in hospital. Belguim. Nov 1945 discharged January 10 1946 For his part int eh liberation of Hooland he was awared the highest Dutch medal knight of the militaire willems orde which is equivalent of the V.C.

    The above is a straight copy & paste of what someone else has written
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  4. Thanks a lot. Nothing about his action in the Woensdrecht area. Should be the reason for awarding RMWO4

    All the best from here.
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    You may need to learn or ask some of our Canadian members the best way to access Canadian service records for the sort of details you are asking for

  6. does this mean I can't post questions here like I did?
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Herman you can post any questions TD like myself is a Brit so the next port of call is any of our Canadian members who will know how to get that info.
    Hopefully one will be along soon to assist further

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  8. Thanks for explanation. All the best.
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    • Last Name: Kirk
    • First Name: Wilfred
    • Medal Type: Militaire Willems Orde, Knight 4th Class
    • Month Awarded: September
    • Year Awarded: 1945
    • Rank at time of award: Sgt
    • Corp: 2 Cdn
    • Division: 2 Cdn Inf
    • Brigade: 6 Cdn Inf
    • Unit: Queen's Own Cameron Highrs of C
    • Sub-Unit:
    • Remarks: Netherlands Award

      kirk a_Page_1.png kirk a_Page_2.png
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    Hi Herman

    The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
    Sgt L154040 Kirk Wilfred Militaire Willems Orde, Knight 4th Class 17-Nov-44 Woensdrecht Details

    The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada - Wikipedia
    Patrols overnight on 22–23 in preparation for an attack on 23 August brought in seven prisoners of war. Launched at 0700 hours, the attack on Woensdrecht met stiff resistance and by 1630 hours "A" Company, which had gone to the assistance of the South Saskatchewan Regiment, was forced back to its former positions. Despite the fierce opposition, the battalion captured 40 paratroopers from the 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment. Continuing the attack on 24 October, the Camerons made good progress against only light opposition, the majority of the enemy having withdrawn after the sharp fighting the previous day. By 2300 hours the area was cleared of enemy, and the battalion was relieved by the Black Watch of Canada. Private C. R. J. Batty was awarded a Military Medal for his actions.

    HyperWar: The Canadian Army 1939-1945: An Official Historical Summary [Chapter 14]
    Pages 233 - 236

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  11. Whow. That's what I was looking for. Thank you very much. Much obliged. All the best from here.

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