Why Japan Really Lost The War!!!!

Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by spidge, Mar 25, 2008.

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    I believe it was a well Known U.S Commander ( Name escapes me ) who stated that if the Russians had not been there to bleed the cream of the Nazi war machine in the East ... "I don't know how we would have won". Russia was key in the defeat of Germany ... absolutely.

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    Seems reasonable, But not sure total economic output or capability is directly proportional to war-making ability. Takes time and different nations must have had different exceptions of how much capacity must be left on non war production.

    Very interesting how the economics work, where did the US and Germany get all that money from? The US practically bankrolled the war and how did Hitler turn turn a practically bankrupted state into such high position, amazing.

    Good post.


    Here is one key. 75% of the world's oil production was in the Western Hemisphere

    Slipdigit writes,
    Not wishing to drag this into a Vietnam discussion, the US military did not lose the war, the public lost it's will to fight. Had LBJ allowed the war to be prosecuted early on as it could have (note, I did not say "should"), the war could have ended differently.

    Not wishing to compound the error of being off-topic, if this assertion is allowed to go unchallenged a reader might accept it as truth.

    If the US had not withdrawn from Vietnam you could still be fighting a war there. Notice I did not write "would".

    Biggles Prime

    It is hard to fight when you are radiating...
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    Here is one key. 75% of the world's oil production was in the Western Hemisphere

    It is hard to fight when you are radiating...

    Forgive my naivete, but by "radiating" do you mean "glowing in the dark"? Or Something similar? Saturation with agent orange perhaps? Or indulging in some OBEs via the vile weed?

    Looking at a slightly bigger picture, it can be seen that an apparent hiatus between Korea and Vietnam is an imaginary one.

    Truman supported the French in their efforts to return French Indo China to the fold of metropolitan France. Although he harboured the notion of independence for FIC, the French had no such aim. US arms and munitions poured into FIC for the French to use. The start of the Vietnam War was almost co-eval with that of Korea from a US perspective.

    A little research may show this to be one reason why US forces in Korea were chronically short of military supplies early in the Korean War [Police Action?].

    The conclusion of WW2 saw the beginning of the end of colonial empires. The Japanese "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", while serving Japan alone, was permeated with an idealism that caught the imaginations of many nationalist figures of the region.

    But as it turned out, US excursions into East Asia after the defeat of Japan, ostensibly to curtail the spread of communism, was not blessed with the expected success. Half the Korean peninsula is communist and the three nations of the former FIC, Vietnam, Kampuchea and Laos, have communistic forms of government.

    Idealistically, communism takes little or no account of human greed and aquisitiveness, but capitalism does......it thrives on it. It should not require rare economic insight to rationalise that communism will eventually adopt more and more capitalist methods of advancement as it becomes increasingly engaged in them. It seems to me that US attempts in the containment of China were dreadfully wasteful exercises engendered by a hysterical capitalism and achieved virtually nothing to US advantage.

    I apologise to the reader for my digression. I do tend to run on about history so much do I enjoy reading and writing about it.

    It was my intention only to offer an alternative to what I interpreted as a marginal excuse for the US retreat from Vietnam. I should add that though my opinion differs from Slipdigit's I intend no disrespect for his opinions.

    Biggles, Prime

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