What uniform is this please?

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    Can anyone please tell me what this uniform is please. The only details I have is that she was called Paddy (Patricia/Patrice) and that she was at Littleport during WW2. She may have worked at the RAF hospital there as this is written on the back of the photo, correct me if I am wrong, or at a RAF base?
    I am looking for her son Jack or any living relative. 36993215_10160458608065567_8370664949487239168_n.jpg
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    RAF hospital is probably correct. This is a WAAF (Womens Auxiliary Air Force) uniform. The RAF eagles are worn on each shoulder. The collar badges are those of the medical service. No rank badges etc can be seen.

    So a WAAF nurse.

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    Definitely RAF Medical branch but probably not a nurse. Nurses in the RAF were members of the Princess Mary's RAF Nursing Service (PMRAFNS) and wore a distinctive type of hat. I think they were all officers at this time as well.


    Carl (RAF Medical Service 1986-1998)
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    Carl is quite right of course. The person in the photo will be a nursing orderly.


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