What is a "T.A" in terms of UK PoW Camps?

Discussion in 'UK PoW Camps' started by Martin Richards, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Martin Richards

    Martin Richards Active Member

    I have just come back from another visit to the National Archives in Kew and have been reading a number of FO Inspection Reports and War Office Diary's on a numbr of PoW Cams in the UK.

    Within a number of documents I have coe across comment such as no "T.A" visit.
    and "the camp needs a T.A man" etc...

    I assume that it is some form of inspector / Teaching Assistant / Tech Adviser ?

    Can any one help and tell me exectly what is meant by "T.A" in this context ?
  2. Osborne2

    Osborne2 Well-Known Member

    Training Advisor. This following text is from my notes.

    "were originally known as Camp Visitors and passed themselves off as being primarily interested in camp welfare as a cover. This may have been a way of promoting early relationships with prisoners and disassociating themselves from the loathed Segregators, seen by the Blacks as adversarial. With the end of the war and the lessening of tension in more camps, the title was changed to Training Advisers. FO 939/449 Camp reports for PWI. Notes for Camp Visitors [Job title crossed out and substituted by Training Advisers. No date.]
  3. Martin Richards

    Martin Richards Active Member

    I do not think I have read 449 yet but what you say is 100% consitant with the other FO 939's
    These doc's make interesting reading at times with some quite blunt comments about what som of the camp commanders thought about some of the PoWs.
    I wounder if they every told them to their face what they though ?

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