What have you learned about WW2 recently?

Discussion in 'General' started by dbf, Oct 22, 2010.

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    First waco
    First link no longer working
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    The original poster hasn't been on the forum since March 2015 but it's simple enough to search the website they linked to and search for/find a page about Grizedale Hall. I've edited a new link in their post.

    That's because that particular website is defunct. Fred has since died so he can't respond.

    Links break, websites drop off the net. It happens. Really no need to continue highlighting every one you encounter.
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    I didnt know original poster had died. It might be worth inventing a symbol to let people know or if that seems too bleak, a symbol to indicate member is no longer responding and give no reason

    I was hoping original poster might be able to re connect it or advise where further info was that they were happy with - or someone else with that knowledge would recommend a site

    People have commented that a lot of WW2 stuff they read in books and on the internet, is not always correct on this site, repeatedly and as the subject is new to me I wouldnt know if it was dodgy info.

    Just as there is a mountain of misleading and invented stuff floating about for the famous photo of the All American bomber and when I tell people about it I tell them there is a MOUNTAIN of sites that are 75% fantasy and WHY before advising best places to read the real story

    Until you track down the real info, you accept the usual inventions, because it is a subject new to you. I for one, could never imagine why anyone would glibly make up nonsense about something for no understandable reason.

    Having had that experience several times, I prefer to ask someone who knows about the subject to recommend what I read about it

    I DON'T highlight every broken link but only the ones that I want to read, because I am.genuinely interested.

    I would imagine that if someone gave you a dvd case on a topic of interest and said THIS IS BRILLIANT and you opened it up, and it was empty, you would say nothing? If so, we have very different psyches
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    And again, very little there to do with the subject in the title.

    Please keep on topic.

    If you have complaints, etc - use the Report button.

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    Anyone remember Christos?
    I do...
  6. Harry Ree

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    An Australian if I remember correctly.....forum members come and go.....some have no control over their destiny.....others are as ships in the night.
  7. Ron Goldstein

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    Christos ? Yep ! ........ i remember him too .......... Feisty chap who just didn't know when to call it a day !

  8. rememberthem

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    My delay in reply is due to very poor internet coverage

    I was simply replying to your comments which I found unfair. How am I to know who is no longer active? I might say IF I could post a link, if that is the correct term, and it was faulty, I would be very GRATEFUL to know it was no longer working, so I could fix it or find another source I was happy to put in its place

    Clearly when chastised by you I shall just not reply and withdraw from the subject which appears to be expected behaviour because to attempt to explain is to be off topic, even tho it might give new readers an idea of what constitutes what must NOT be mentioned

    How is reporting a link? not working, not on topic? If half the reference books in a specialist library are missing, its not mentioned in the UK?

    I didnt report all. Only the first few that I opened out of genuine interest, BEFORE I stopped bothering, so your comment was superfluous, as you would know if people did report the numbers of links? not working, throughout.

    I would NOT report someone being unpleasant or unfair. I would just challenge them on their opinion. I would report something if it was racist or threatening and I thought it should be removed Having the right to ask someone to explain themselves and their decisions, is the basis of all democracy. As is the ability to defend yourself and your actions and genuine beliefs

    I do see now, how many Australians and New Zealanders and Canadians found the pomposity of English officers a matter of derision. I remember some very cheeky WW2 Australians in a newsreel, I think, in Africa, making a very clever and apparently unnoticed statement that seems nobody has ever remarked upon, that I would share, behind some Very Important People and falling about in laughter

    If there is a problem, I would rather it be communicated to me by someone else where they can pleasantly explain, as I find your attitude closed and rather bullying i write rather, out of middle class politeness.

    It may be that you are genuinely unaware of it but I GENUINELY and repeatedly feel that in YOUR communication and not from anyone else and I DON'T see it in other situations not involving me. A separate case of sheer unpleasantness aside.

    I have been advised of mistakes I have made by others and the comments are kindly, empathetic and charming, probably achieve much more and do not make one feel the school bully is standing over one.

    I have no idea who this other Australian is, who others brought up and yet have not earned a rebuke for going off topic. Appears only the first formers get the cane.

  9. CL1

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    You highlighted internet links not working it happens a lot we have many members who join for a short time add info then get caught up in other things and pass by.
    Not all forum members are English!

    This site is the best WW2 info arena covering the Commonwealth and other areas you can get, but its not always going to be 100%

    re members not responding, we have members on here who drop by every few years so impossible to flag this up in anyway.

    So lets just get on
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  10. Dave55

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    I learned that Scammell Pioneers had an 8 ton winch with the spool mounted horizontally at mid chassis under the body and driven off of the transmission, similar to the arrangement on the FAMO Sd.Kfz. 9.

    You can see the winch at the 2:50 mark.

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  11. canuck

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    How coincidental
    I stumbled upon a box in the basement today and found some old Airfix 1/72 scale models that I'd built close to 50 years ago. Including my favourite, the Scammell tractor and trailer. I had no idea they had survived.
    Unfortunately, they have seen some rough handling and the glue may have failed. You will notice my rudimentary attempt at a Wasp carrier.

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  12. Dave55

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    There's a whole subset of scale modeling devoted to "restoring" old broken plastic models. The real challenging ones are the ones built by young kids a long time ago that show up at garage sales, typically with glue smeared canopies and thickly brushed paint jobs. I think part of the allure is that the kits are long out of production.

    One saying about the internet, for anything you can think of there is someone out there that either wants to kill it or marry it.
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    Sounds like Wojohowitz from the old Barney Miller sitcom, when he was working the Vice squad, "pick any item from the Sears catalogue and there is someone out there who wants to sleep with it". Loved that show.


    Yemana: I'm not Chinese, you know.

    Captain William Donnelly: That doesn't matter, Detective.

    Yemana: Now it doesn't matter; but in 1942...
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  14. canuck

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    Lovat Scouts Train in Canadian Rockies 1944

    In Jan.1944, the Lovat Scouts, an elite British regimental unit sent to Canada to train for an Allied-led invasion of Nazi-occupied Norway. Far removed from the conflict in Europe, the Lovats trained for 3 months in the mountains of Jasper National Park, Alberta.


    The Lovat Scouts – Rocky Mountain Soldiers
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  15. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    I just started reading a novel involving Hurricanes which took me to Wikipedia which took me to a little info relevant to the earlier discussion of the Canadian Car and Foundry factory which produced Hurricanes etc in Thunder Bay.

    The Chief Engineer there was one Elsie Macgill, nicknamed at one point "Queen of the Hurricanes"! She was apparently was "the world's first woman to earn an aeronautical engineering degree and was the first woman in Canada to receive a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering." During Hurricane manufacture she worked on streamlining the production line and on modifications for winter operations.

    The Wikipedia article on the Hurricane also mentions: "Hawker, having recognised that a major conflict was all but inevitable after the Munich Crisis of 1938, drew up preliminary plans to expand Hurricane production via a new factory in Canada. Under this plan, samples, pattern aircraft, and a complete set of design documents stored on microfilm, were shipped to Canada"

    This was done in a much more organized fashion than when Valentine tank design information was sent over during the war!
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    I read an article yesterday about the use of the Monopoly game to help Allied prisoners in Europe escape. And how Waddingtons produced maps printed on silk, for the same purpose.
    Then I searched on here and found that it was already known :blank:
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  17. dbf

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    That's fine, this thread is for personal discoveries anyway.
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    Oi, finally cleaning up the basement ... eh!
  19. canuck

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    Coincidentally, I just watched Hidden Figures last night. A movie featuring Mary Jackson, who took advanced engineering classes and in 1958 became NASA's first black female aerospace engineer.
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  20. canuck

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    Sort of, digging out Christmas decorations. :)
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