What Does Remembrance Sunday Mean to You?

Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by bydand31, Nov 4, 2016.

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    It would be easy to get into a rant on the subject.
    We know what we do here keeping memories alive not only the history of WW2 but also the many casualties both military and civilian.
    We know we always Remember in the past,now and in the future.

    So I suggest we just keep on going and let all the nonsense clear itself which it will do.

    onwards and upwards
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    At our local service here on Saturday I saw several women sporting a pair of Poppy earrings like those pictured below. Paying $88 for a pair of designer, Kate Spade earrings, despite obvious good intentions, just strikes me as too commercial. I also struggle with turning a revered symbol into a piece of jewelry. I guess some would argue that it is no different than wearing a poppy pin but I found it unsettling.

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  3. amberdog45

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    I do hope they remember in the future and the politics/commercialism of it gives way to the real spirit of it.

  4. canuck

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    Prominent voices are critical in keeping Remembrance Day as an important event.


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