What are you reading at the moment?

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  1. ozzy16

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    Yes, I noted inside the cover he wrote several other books on Burma.
    It also states, he has a thorough understanding of the Japanese language and culture, he also translated 'Prisoner of the British' a Japanese soldier's experiences in Burma, by Yuji Aida. That would be an interesting find.

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  2. Orwell1984

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    Lots of gunboat-y goodness.
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  3. kopite

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    A great read. One of the very first books I read on WW2.
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  4. Shane Greer

    Shane Greer We're Doomed

    This is my current book... although I tend to binge read 2 or 3 books at the same time.

    download (2).jpg
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  5. Oldman

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    I am reading The Path to Whensoever by Jim Craig, it is a biography of an airman who joins the RAF Mountain Rescue Service, the book covers the begining of the rescue service and then his own journey through to becomming a full fledged member of the rescue service.
    A very good read so far.
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  6. hucks216

    hucks216 Member

    Recently finished that one and will be getting Volume 2 in the new year. I am also currently reading his Burma '44 and have also read his Together We Stand (about the Tunisian Campaign) and Italy's Sorrow 1944-45 books. Very prolific author and often seen on history programmes but very readable books.
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  7. Shane Greer

    Shane Greer We're Doomed

    Indeed Ive spoken to James a few times... he is a very nice bloke.
  8. Jonathan Ball

    Jonathan Ball From the North.

    It's gone back above Caputo as my No.1 book on the War. Just brilliant.

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  9. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Picked up some journals of the 2nd Gurkha Rifles the other day on eBay. Even though they are fairly new date wise, they are proving to be a great source of info on some of my Chindit 1 soldiers:

    2 GR journals.jpg
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  10. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Do they have anything on 1/2 GR at Cassino (or elsewhere 42-44)?
  11. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    They consist mostly of news events and details about current Regimental doings, but I'll keep an eye out for you.
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  12. SteveDee

    SteveDee Well-Known Member

    Just been given this one by my new-favourite brother in law...
  13. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Nothing for you in those editions CF, but I will continue to keep you in mind going forward.
  14. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Thank you for looking.
  15. 509thPIB

    509thPIB Well-Known Member


    Braun's Battlin' Bastards: The Bushmasters of Company B 1st Batallion, 158th R.C.T.

    The late Capt. Braun was a highly decorated WWII veteran and commanded Company B, 1st Batallion, 158th Regimental Combat Team in the South Pacific. This is the amazing story of Braun's service with America's most ethnically diverse fighting unit in that war, The 158th Regimental Combat Team, The Bushmasters. The Bushmasters went into battle in the steaming jungles of New Guinea as green troops but soon proved their mettle against the formidable Japanese 36th "Tiger" Division. This book shows the battles, and the lighter sides of G.I. life, through the eyes of a C.O. who really cared about his men.

    61M3JGHHG7L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_ (1).jpg

  16. Seroster

    Seroster Canadian researcher

    I don't look at this thread in order to read Amazon ad copy.
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  17. TriciaF

    TriciaF Junior Member

    Roughing It, by Mark Twain. I've been reading it slowly for a long time, it's so dense and interesting. Now up to about page 350 of 500+.
    Nothing to do with WW2, but gives an insight into current American mentality. Their/your history is so different from ours.

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