What are Odds On this ?

Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts' started by Joe Brown, Oct 16, 2014.

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    We had just repulsed an enemy attack and the nearby Platoon Commander of the Rifle Company closest to Battalion Tactical HQ came to show me the barrel of the Bren he had been firing in the prone position which had just had its foresight cleanly shot off!

    What are the odds on this happening ?

    Indeed, what are the odds that he could survive such a shot, lying prone behind the Bren with his eye focussed on the sight ?

    Joe Brown
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    Statistically speaking, the chance of it happening during WWII is probably surprisingly high due to the sheer scale of that War (of course we will never really know) although, again statistically speaking, it won't have happened many times.

    The statistical chance of it happening to a named individual is statistically remote: millions to one against. Also remember the things that probably didn't happen, such as a bullet entering the barrel from an opponents gun while the guy was firing his Bren gun. That really would have been 'interesting'. I actually dread to think of the consequences of that one!
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    The regimental museum of the Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment. located in Maidstone, Kent, UK, contains (or maybe used to, but I expect it's still there) a rifle which a member of the regiment was firing when an enemy bullet did indeed enter the muzzle and was stopped at the breech end. Sore shoulder I guess! But these things do happen.

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    Came upon a crewless Churchill one day after a Battle in the Liri Valley - couldn't find any reason for the crew bailing out until we
    looked at the gun whose barrel had been undercut by a bigger shot…

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    ?.........that caught me by surprise! I'm now wondering what else probably didn't happen.....or did it? :)
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    good day jo brown.ww2 veteran.yesterday 08:30 am.pm.re:what are the odds on this,one could come up with a number.but i dont think it would be the right one so i say it has as much chance as winning the lotto.and the gunner had all the luck.he was able to show you what happend.great post regards bernard85
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    Must have made a Foxes Pouch with the above post

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