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    Then you should know that the West Novas were a part of 3rd Bde of 1st Cdn Division in Italy and Belgium / Germany etal - and were often looked at as the

    main reserve for 1st and 2nd Bdes and they were always involved as their war diaries should show, we in the British 21st Tank Bde supported them now and

    again - so apply for their war diaries which will tell the whole story...

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    Hi Seeker,

    You say you're making a documentary; that's very interesting. I'll do what I can to help.

    First is the matter of the handover between Lt-Col George W Bullock and Lt-Col M Pat Bogert.

    Well, it didn't exactly happen that simply. Lt-Col Bullock brought the WNSR to England in Dec '39, and he handed the Regiment over to Lt-Col (then Maj) MF Gregg (RCR) on 05 Feb '40. Lt-Col Gregg, VC, CBE, MC was an experienced professional officer with combat experience from WWI, and he would have been 47 years old at the time. He trained the West Novas for about a year until 06 Dec 40.

    Maj AA Ernst commanded from 06 Dec 40 until 06 Mar 41 while Lt-Col Gregg was in hospital. When Maj Ernst left for a seven week tactics course, Lt-Col LT Lowther commanded 06 Mar 41 to 25 Apr 41 until Lt-Col Gregg returned from hospital. He continued as CO from 25 Apr 41 until 09 May 41 until he was promoted to command a large officer-cadet training unit.

    Maj Ernst then returned to his position as CO from 09 May 41 until 20 Mar 42 during which time he was promoted to Lt-Col.
    Lt-Col Ernst left England to take up an appointment in Canada and was succeeded by Maj JA Hebb, ED, CO from 20 Mar 42 to 22 Jul 42.

    Now is the time for Lt-Col MP Bogert to assume command of the West Novas from 22 Jul 42 until 22 Jan 43. He was temporarily replaced by Lt-Col RD King from 22 Jan 43 until 15 May 43 when he was transferred fro a period of duty at 2nd Corps HQ. Lt-Col Bogert returned as CO from 15 May 43 until 12 Dec 43. At the start of that period, his second in command was Maj RSE Waterman (PPCLI).

    This seems like a long game of musical chairs, but it`s an accurate answer to your question. I`ll be back later to see if anyone else has any information for you.

    Please keep me in the loop on your documentary.
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    Hey, Seeker,

    Don Rice did excellent work with West Nova snipers. After the war, he became a doctor and was awarded the Order of Canada for his work in family medicine.
    Here`s an article on the WNSR website written by the Honorary Colonel the Honourable John G Leefe. http://wnsr.ca/history/snipers
    Here`s an obituary for Dr. Donald I Rice, CM, MDCM, LLD, FCFP, CFPC
    I believe you have to copy and paste the links.

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    I made an error in Col Bullock's given name. I was looking at the wrong document. You are correct; his name was Gerald.
    To make up for it, here's the link to the War Diaries of the West Novas. http://wnsr.ca/war_diary
    I think you'll find them very informative.

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    Thank you so far guys!!!!

    Yes, I (we) are making a documentary on the WNSR and, in particular, the stories of the individuals I've listed. I don't/didn't know all that much about the war, but going through the records, newspapers, video clips, etc has really opened my eyes and I have SO MUCH respect for these people! And send much love to their families.

    Brave, brave souls!
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    I am also looking for stuff on Albert Kesselring and Mussolini... but this is not the thread for that.
    Since I'm new to the forums, would anybody care to direct me on where I should post about those guys?
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    I am looking for a descendant of Lt-Col Gerald Bullock and his son, Capt Reg Bullock.

    My father, Capt/Maj A.W. (AL) Rogers, was also an officer in the WNSR during the Italian campaign and a good friend of Reg. As mentioned
    earlier in this site, Reg was killed in action during the battle for the Gully as 3rd Bde attempted to outflank Ortona to the west.

    In 1971 I took Dad on a battlefield tour through Italy and we found Reg's grave in the cemetery just to the south of Ortona (along
    with those of two other WNSR officers who had been in my father's wedding party when he married in England in 1940).

    I recently came across a silver cigarette case which I am quite sure belonged to Reg; it is silver with the WNSR badge on the front and the initials RWB on the back.
    I also have a large charcoal head-and-shoulders drawing of Reg done in London before the Division left for Sicily.

    If a descendant is known to any readers, please let me know at david.rogers@pei.sympatico.ca.
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    Sending you a pm David.
  9. Lance Waterman

    Lance Waterman PPCLI & WNSR

    As the grandson of RSE Waterman DSO, I'm always looking for more information about his command time in Italy.
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  11. Lance Waterman

    Lance Waterman PPCLI & WNSR

  12. Owen

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    eh? Didn't I link to your Grandfather's?
  13. Lance Waterman

    Lance Waterman PPCLI & WNSR

    Oh! now I see... thanks
    But I already have the original
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    You are looking for a source to provide detail of your grandfather's term of command in Italy 12 Dec 43 to 23 Sep 44. Am I correct?
  15. stonier

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    Here's a PDF of the recommendation which you may already have.

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  16. Lance Waterman

    Lance Waterman PPCLI & WNSR

    Hello Ron, I was bumbling around looking for anything new I could find in regard to my grandfathers command dismissal in Sept 44. I'm also interested in knowing how many Canadian D-Day Dodgers are still alive who might have known him. For example, who were the men who performed as his 'batmen'. Is that possible to find out still?
  17. stonier

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    Hello Lance,
    Those who would have served under his command are fast numbering among the fallen. Any WWII vets were encounter here are guys who were late to the war, entering as teenagers in Holland.
    Harry Eisenhauer, who was the last wartime CO, brought the draft home as a major. He is in mid nineties and lives in Calgary and was Bn Int Offr for a time. Have you been in contact with him?
    We have also printed a book of Maj Bill Thexton's "Times to Remember: Recollections of four and a half years with the West Nova Scotia Regiment during 1940-1944" (212 pages). Bill passed away several years ago, but we got family permission to print the book which was only printed for family previously. He mentions Lieut-Col Waterman numerous times in his book. We still have copies if you're interested.
    I have some pictures from the book which I could upload here or send to your email if you wish.
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  18. Lance Waterman

    Lance Waterman PPCLI & WNSR

    Thank-you for that information. I'm very interested in the book you mentioned. Of coarse photo's are great too. I have not been in contact with Harry Eisenhauer but I would like to. Times a ticking and there's not much time left. Would Harry be the last Dodger in Canada? If so, that's remarkable, if not, it would be a great time to honor them BEFORE they're all gone.
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    Harry would, to the best of my knowledge, be the last WNSR officer alive to have served in Italy. We know of several ORs who served in the Regiment in that campaign. We have a program where we have arranged for Canadian Tire to donate Regimental watches for presentation to veterans and have made 11 presentations within the last year. We've also presented to three Korean vets who joined the WNSR after that war.
    We've been quite active for a small crew running the WNSR Regimental Association. I'll attach a copy of our last newsletter to being you up to speed as there's too much to type. I'm sure it will be of interest to you such as videos with veteran interviews.
    I'll send the photos of which I spoke in the next message.

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  20. Lance Waterman

    Lance Waterman PPCLI & WNSR

    Thank-you Ron, What a distinction Harry has. I hope to hear more about him and his contribution to Canada's war effort before he's gone. His memory of what took place in WWII and his comments on Canada's current affairs would be priceless. I hope someone with a camera is capturing his story before he's gone. Time is of the essence.

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