Warrant Officer 1186447 Leslie Robert BLACKWELL

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    Another plea for help, please.

    Warrant Officer 1186447 Leslie Robert Blackwell

    is buried in Harare (Pioneer) Cemetery in European War Graves Plot Grave 173.

    Killed/died on 29 July 1945

    Also died/killed the same day and buried next to Blackwell is

    Corporal 907567 Henry William Stanley

    Any ideas, please (Help, Ross !!!!)


  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Nothing for Blackwell, but found a family tree for Stanley, although it does not state a cause of death:

    Henry W "Jimmy" Stanley
    Birth 1919 in Steyning, Sussex, England
    Death 29 Jul 1945 in Rhodesia


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  3. graeme

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    Nice one, T.D., cheers,

  4. DaveB

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    Does this help? Original site is in French, but he is credited with a couple of confirmed aerial victories while flying the Beaufighter as per the book "Those other eagles" (My copy is not to hand will check in a day or two when I get home for further details on his death).


    Leslie Blackwell, from Streetly, West Midlands, committed in September 1940 and serves as a pilot NCO with 89 Squadron, a night fighter unit in North Africa in early 1943. He served with the Sgt AAW Melrose as radar operator. The two men were transferred to 108 Squadron in June 1943 with the rank of F / Sgt. They then operate in Sicily during the summer. At the end of August, Blackwell withdrew operations and joined Southern Rhodesia to become an instructor there. There he accidentally kills 29 July 1945 at the age of 22 years.
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  5. Peter Clare

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    W/O. L R. Blackwell is listed in Flight Global of 25 April 1946 as Killed On Active Service.
  6. graeme

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    Hi Both,

    Many thanks for the input, all adds to 'the jigsaw', cheers.

    Interesting site, not seen it before, thanks,


  7. graeme

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    Wondering whether this could be an accident ie car, rather than through flying,

  8. DaveB

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    I don't have the precise wording here, but KOAS means that he was on duty at the time - could have been a service vehicle MVA or a non-operational flying incident or any sort of work related accident.

    Died on Active Service (DOAS) is more for off-duty accidents, illnesses etc
  9. Peter Clare

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    'Killed on active service' means that the individual died as a result of an accident or something similar whilst engaged on operational duties. Thus, if a person was killed on a training sortie, or a flight not engaged in operations against the enemy that would be classed as KOAS.

    'Died on active service' means the person died as a result of non operational circumstances - as a result of illness or accident etc.

    'Killed in action' means killed whilst attacking the enemy - ie, on a bombing raid.

    The definitions appeared in The Times on 1 February 1943 as follows:

    'Casualties "in action" are due to flying operations against the enemy; "on active service" includes ground casualties due to enemy action, non-operational flying casualties, fatal accidents, and natural deaths.'
  10. graeme

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    I now believe that Blackwell and Stanley were serving at 20 Service Flying Training School so it is likely to be a training accident of some description.

    Can anyone add anything at all, please,

    Many thanks,


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