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    This may be of interest to forum members - www.wargen.org/about

    From the email I received when registering my interest (note: to join the Facebook group, you will need to register for updates) -

    Millions of men and women served and lived through World War II, but sadly now only a handful survive. World War II touched the lives of every man, woman and child of all the major combatant nations and yet soon the memories of those people will be gone forever.

    The War Generation project aims to record the memories of as many of these survivors as possible on an open crowd-sourced platform. We want anyone to be able to reach this material, whether it be a voice-recording, filmed interview or written transcription. There will be the opportunity to post other material too as well as leave comments and have discussions with other users of the site.

    Our aim is to have the testimonies of veterans from all around the world.

    We are fortunate to be living in an age where recording these voices has never been easier.

    If you know of a veteran of the war, ask them whether you can talk to them about their memories of that extraordinary conflict. Then, using a smart phone or digital recorder, sit down with them and ask them a few questions.

    Together, we have interviewed lots and lots of veterans and in every case it has been a fascinating and highly rewarding experience.

    By recording your conversation with a member of the Greatest Generation, you will be not only learning much yourself, but will also be helping to record those memories so that they are not lost but are instead saved and then archived for future generations.

    So how can you get involved?

    Please join us on our private Facebook group - a separate invite has just been sent to you. Introduce yourself and let us know how you can help. We’re looking for editors, curators, interviewers, transcribers, and more!

    We intend to launch a new ‘Wiki’ in the coming weeks, the site will be open to all and maintained by YOU!

    We’re preparing more resources to help you with interviews, and we’ll be sharing the lessons we’ve learned from the many interviews we’ve conducted with veterans over the years.

    We look forward to seeing you in the new Facebook group!

    Thank you.

    Dan Snow & James Holland
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    Wow... its been a few years since I was in here. I actually run WarGen for James Holland and Dan Snow and if anyone is interested as per the above please drop me a mail.

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