War Diary - 7th Battalion, The Green Howards, June 1944

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    Out of interest, where did you get these papers? I just sent off for copies of the 6BN papers from the National archives and they were very expensive and sadly I can't even post them up because of copyright restraints. Well done anyway and thanks! Paul

    Here is a link to the June 1944 war diary for the 7th Battalion of the Green Howards.

    7BN GREEN HOWARDS - JUNE 1944 pictures by rahonour3947 - Photobucket
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    Hi Paul,

    I've sent you a PM
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    To add to the War Diary information from ramacal, I have a link here to a family project I undertook last year, with just my Dad's war diary to hand. I hadn't then done any research on sites such as this. It charts his exploits from D-3 to D+88. I had a small print run done (12 books) to replicate his diary and gave the copies to members of my immediate family as a 'keepsake'. It was warmly received and the contents may be of interest to others, with an interest in 7 Green Howards.


    Best Regards
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    DouglasAllen - I wonder if there was anything in the Diary about the action on the Island, the area north of Nijmegen (Oct 44)?

    The 7th Green Howards were attacked there at Heuvel farm by Tiger II's (aka King Tigers). See post # 3 and onwards at http://ww2talk.com/forums/topic/49363-nijmegen-bridgehead-iiss-pz-corps-counterattack-in-october-1944/
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    Sorry, no more info. The daily entries in the diary stopped after 31/August...but there is a very poignant entry on 2nd November which reads 'Ike killed near Nijmegen (sic) bridge. Sgt. Ike Rawson was his 'best pal and fellow sergeant' one of the few remaining comrades from before the landings. He was killed " whilst messenger-motorcycling across Njimegen bridge"
    The transcript of the page reads...
    30/8/44 Wednesday
    Pulled out and moved forward another 20 odd miles to -Gissors. Weather bloody awful. Marvellous welcome from the civvies and Les Mademoiselles... oh La La. Pulled into a wood for the night. Ike and I went out on motorcycle scrounging for eggs and 'Liberated' a village on our own. Cognac, Calvados, kisses, and we met a French girl whose sister was a schoolmistress at Swanage.
    31/8/44 Thursday
    Pulled out at 08:00 hrs. and did another fifteen miles by tiffin time, in the direction of Beauvais.
    So long Pal.
    I include a link to the actual page in the diary...however, the following page has some October dates on it and references I am unable to discern..any thoughts or help would be most useful.
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    Douglas - It's correct now, but unfortunately I can make no sense of the names, dates and ciphers on the right hand page. Anyway, they are not the names of fallen soldiers.

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Stolpi You're welcome, glad to share.
    B.T.W. I looked up your reference to Heuvel farm (Nijmegen) situation on this web-site. Must say, what a fantastic piece of research and documentary it is! Thank you for sharing
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    Was there any detail as to their whereabouts early July ? My Dad was wounded on the 4th, I think near Tilly or Hottot. Thank you.

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