War Diary, 2/7 Queen's Royal Regiment, Anzio

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    Jeff they did a spell in Essex in May 1942. They returned to Suffolk in June and left for Liverpool to deploy overseas in August to Iraq. Sounds like a quick marriage before going off to war again.
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    Hi Drew,

    Thanks for that. I expected something similar - just not that quick!

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    Drat, I was in Coriano Ridge cemetery only this morning.

    I could have got you a photo if he is buried there.

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    Not to worry. He's in Bari War Cemetery. But thanks for the thought.
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    Seventy-five years ago today, 21 February 1944, the men of 2/7 Queens reached the beleaguered 2nd Battalion of the 157th Infantry Regiment, at the Caves.

    1800 - "Bn moved out to relieve 2/157.

    1930 - "'D' and 'C' Coys deployed to left and right respectively, area 851302 to secure wadi crossing at 853308.

    2030 - "Crossing secure, 'B' and 'A' Coys begin to pass through, Air raid in progress.

    2040 - "Whole load of Anti-Personnel bombs dropped on crossing. Fairly heavy casualties suffered, mainly amongst portering party who were bringing up the rear of the column, but including 'A' Coy Commander, (Lt Heald) killed and 'D' Coy Commander, (Major Domoney) wounded.

    "'D' and 'A' Coys push on and reach HQ of 2/157, situated at 857311 in caves, after overcoming some opposition. 4 PWs taken identifications: - 3 and 5 Coys 1027 PG Reinforcement Bn. 'B' Coy pass through tunnel to take up their positions in area 857303. 'A' Coy retained in HQ area for defence of the large number of caves entrances."

    War Diary, 2/7 Queen's Royal Regiment.

    The valiant soldiers of 2/7 Queens would hold the caves until the night of 23 February, when the decision was made to abandon the caves and withdraw. Only four officers and 17 enlisted men of 2/7 Queens made it back to friendly lines.

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