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    Gough was 23 years old, and a lieutenant in the 1st Bengal European Light Cavalry (later 19th Hussars) during the Indian Mutiny, when the following deeds took place for which he was awarded the VC:

    1st Bengal European Light Cavalry, Lieutenant Hugh Henry Gough

    Date of Acts of Bravery, 12th November, 1857, and 25th February, 1858

    Lieutenant Gough, when in command of a party of Hodson's Horse, near Alumbagh, on the 12th of November, 1857, particularly distinguished himself by his forward bearing in charging across a swamp, and capturing two guns, although defended by a vastly superior body of the enemy. On this occasion he had his horse wounded in two places, and his turban cut through by sword cuts, whilst engaged in combat with three Sepoys.

    Lieutenant Gough also particularly distinguished himself, near Jellalabad, Lucknow, on 25 February 1858, by showing a brilliant example to his Regiment, when ordered to charge the enemy's guns, and by his gallant and forward conduct, he enabled them to effect their object. On this occasion he engaged himself in a series of single combats, until at length he was disabled by a musketball through the leg, while charging two Sepoys with fixed bayonets. Lieutenant Gough on this day had two horses killed under him, a shot through his helmet, and another through his scabbard, besides being severely wounded

    Hugh Henry Gough - Wikipedia

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    UK, Victoria Cross Medals, 1857-2007
    Name: Sir Hugh Henry Gough
    Birth Date: 14 Nov 1833
    Birth Place: Calcutta, India
    Death Date: 12 May 1909
    Death Place: London

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