Victor James Walsh details?

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    I am hoping that someone can help fill in some family history gaps for me if possible?

    The photo's below show my maternal grandfather Victor James 'Jim' Walsh (on the right in each photo) who was born 24 Sep 1908 in Tockholes, Darwen, Lancashire.

    I know he served in Burma then India, including Madras, during the Second World War and it is believed he may have been with the Chindits?

    Sadly I only have a few small photos of him and none show a cap badge!

    I would be grateful for any details of his service history, ie where he may have joined up, trained, served and when?

    Any information would be most welcome.

    Thanks in advance,


    20210909_121021.jpg 20210909_120854.jpg 20210909_120901.jpg 20210909_120911.jpg
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  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    hello welcome to the forum
    others will be along shortly to offer further advice

    you do need to apply for his service records Get a copy of military service records

    date of birth,death cert and £30 required

    do not pay money for sites on the internet that offer his records they will not have them
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  3. snapper.harbour

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    Thanks Tony, I will follow the link and apply for his records.


  4. travers1940

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    While you are waiting for the service records this link on the site may be of interest.

    The Chindit Society
  5. snapper.harbour

    snapper.harbour New Member

    Thank you I will have a look.

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